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Not to be confused User:Lady Lily and Emi of the Banshee Trio

Amy Rose is a pink female hedgehog appearing in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is Sonic the Hedgehog's self-proclaimed girlfriend, and uses her Piko Piko hammer against anyone who gets in the way of her romantic affairs. As such, she is the obligatory Minnie Mouse archetype of the series... if Minnie Mouse had a violent streak.

Background Information

Amy came into contact to Sonic through a tarot card divination that suggested they were destined to be lovers forever. However, this lead her into a trap set by Dr. Eggman, who had Metal Sonic kidnap her right in plain sight, forcing Sonic to become her hero and further cement her premonitions of a romantic life with him. From then on out, Amy trained herself to fight with a hammer and get acrobatic skills of her own in order to impress Sonic and win his heart. Much to Amy's chagrin, this involves coming face to face with her captors and other various enemies who threaten to harm her designated love interest.

Amy is relentlessly devoted to the pursuit of Sonic, willing to harm both friend and enemy to get to him. She started out somewhat nice, filling a niche similar to Cream the Rabbit, but evolved to be violent and aggressive underneath her sweet-talking. If she's talking to Sonic's friends to grind them for his whereabouts, she turns the heat up. However, when the purpose isn't to deduce Sonic's location, she generally acts friendly, and for awhile, let Cream the Rabbit tag along as her sidekick, to mimic Sonic and Tails. While she took a nicer approach to baddies in the beginning and tried to change their ways, Amy seemingly gave up on this too and just resorted to bashing her enemy's heads in. Amy can easily take charge in any given situation, and her anger point is something to be feared.

Amy is proficient in the fine art of killing robots with toy hammers and can seemingly generate them out of thin air to her fancy. Amy is also rather good at kick-boxing and divination via tarot cards. She also learned how to stir up the wind and float with her hammer as well. Amy is also slowly getting faster and faster, trying to catch up to Sonic. However, Amy can easily have her hammer jacked from her and used against her if she's distracted. She also seems to be blind, because she will literally mistake any other hedgehog for Sonic and cause them some unnecessary discomfort when she glomps them. Because SEGA are a bunch of perverts, Amy is also the master of gratuitous fanservice shots due to her short skirt.


Sonic CD
Amy's debut appearance as a fashion disaster, being the second damsel in distress just after Tails!
Sonic Adventure
After appearing in a bunch of spin-offs, Amy decided to stop that nonsense and become playable. Here she goes on a date with helps Sonic defeat Eggman from inside the Egg Carrier.
Sonic Adventure 2
Amy finds herself playing hostage of Eggman and Shadow the Hedgehog again, though this time she works it to her advantage.
Sonic Advance
Dimps decided that Amy should be the hard mode character here, but this TAS just proves that she's actually the most technically awesome character in the game.
Sonic Heroes
Amy forms Team Rose in her name, and blackmails Cream and Big the Cat into being her loyal minions to find Sonic and wed them yet.
Sonic Battle
Amy suddenly decides Sonic hates her because she's fat (how...???) and decides that giving Cream a good dose of bruises is the only way to lose weight fast enough to satisfy her boyfriend.
Sonic Advance 3
Unlike the previous sequel Amy actually is playable prior to beating the final boss this time, and you can even pander to her loveydovey ways by using the team system.
Sonic Chronicles
Amy turns from badass to worthless by deciding to employ a tarot based skill set in this mediocre RPG adventure. There are also multiple choice scenes that let you live out BioWare's SonAmy fantasies.

Amy has many other playable appearances, usually as a Speed type character. She also appears as part of the story as a minor NPC in most cases. She even got precedence over Knuckles in Sonic Unleashed! (Isn't it sad, Knuckles?)


Amy Rose is probably derived from "Rose", which is Italian for "pink". She was also known as "Rosy the Rascal" in some appearances, with the Rascal part likely refering to her then-undeveloped character. "Amy" seems to just be a popular given name, likely chosen so it would stay consistent in English language versions.


  • Amy was once retconned to be Sally Acorn of Archie infamy in the Sonic CD instruction manual, though it didn't stick because even the American public wasn't dumb enough to disregard the completely different character design.
  • It should be noted that Amy's theme song, My Sweet Passion, mentions that she's willing to shave a sphinx and paint herself blue for Sonic.
  • Amy is the only member of the "main four" not to get her own game. However, she DID get a Sonic Café game to herself titled "Amy's American One-Page", where Amy plays the card game One-Page against the other cutesy characters of the Sonic franchise (and Rouge).
  • Amy is one of the few characters shown harming other characters on her side for a reason other than competitive sportsmanship.