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Main cast of the game.
Title Screen
Typical Battle scene
Map Screen, pointing at the "Northern Forest" (how original)
The King of Terror and his minions...!
Mysterious shenanigans from the second chapter!
The Color Changer of 1000, one of the many minor characters not documented on this page!
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Puyo Wars is an obscure Game Boy Color battle strategy game in the Puyo series. It has a variety of music from really awesome (#24) to terribly grating (#27), crappy programming causing the screen to vertically shake every time the caption pops up on the world map to say what something is, doesn't really seem to actually show the Puyo characters much, and (understandably) never got an English release. At least it's not as crazy as Telefang...


A goggle wearing boy and the main protagonist. His signature protector is a lion-shaped tank. He has a number of strange anomalies befall him over the course of the game's bizarre story. Apparently he can sense Puyo if they're anywhere near him. He is a synthetic biology, apparently.
A pink haired girl, and one of Daichi's sidekicks later on. She has a reputation for resembling Ringo's silhouette from the very first trailers for Puyo Puyo 7. Her signature protector resembles a shark and a submarine (we see what u did thar, SEGA). She is ridiculawesome and has mysterious ties to Fray, the Red Mois.
A blue haired boy, and Daichi's sidekick and rival. He's one of two characters from this game to have appeared in Compile Worlds. His protector is a duck, of all things. And we thought he was the cool kid of the bunch! Well... he still kind of is...
Angol Mois The Masked Man
A man who hides his face behind a mask at the beginning of the game. He is the central antagonist of the game, directing a bunch of humanoid monsters in airship-like protectors as henchmen. He is a biological weapon that is the final boss. At the game's end, Eldora removes the technology in him, purifying him of both his inhumanity and his evil thoughts, both being dispelled by a flashback of Eldora's past.
A goddess cloaked from head to toe in golden/white robes and flowing blonde hair. She is the goddess who sent Angol Mois to the Puyo Wars World, and also reincarnated Marin and Sho as humans to help fix the mess she made. She cares deeply for the planet, as expressed by her rebelling against the molting of the planet that was attempted by the Planetary Gods of Gaias, of which she is a member.
A green Puyo of an indeterminate gender. Daichi befriends it after it attacks him in the forest. It warns of a mysterious, yet apparently catastrophic "incident" which is about to happen; likely Angol's all out ambush on the planet.
The Professor
A nameless(?) Professor that is Daichi's (adoptive) father. He seems to be the authority on the study of Puyo, and he looks like the love child of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily.
A whining little brat who serves as a punching bag in the game's first fight. Later, he apparently opens shop in his mansion for you to buy parts from. He's so useless his name isn't even mentioned in any Japanese resources! Now that's pathetic. His actual name is "Pucchi", "Watty" having resulted from Chao accidentally misreading the kanji.
Color Changer of 1000
An old man with a bearded Puyo for a head. He guards the Color Change Springs and tells you how you can change colors of Puyo, which allows them to "stick to the enemy", which has an unknown (possibly useless or gimmicky) effect on the flow of battle. He states that children cannot change color though.

...and Arle Nadja shows up in a flash back during the 18th chapter, and dressed like a Fire Emblem character no less. That's interesting, since Fire Emblem is in the same genre...


The game begins with a mini exposition, telling the player the Story of Puyo's existence on Gaias and how Protectors were formed. Quickly, it cuts to a small excerpt from Daichi's birth, and then another cut (sure is time skip in here) to the Protector Battle Tournament, where Daichi and Watty are engaging in the final round. Daichi momentarily turns into an idiot to tell players how to strategize with their Protectors before the battle begins. After some banter, Watty loses and Daichi goes home to the Professor, where he's asked to go to the Northern Forest and deal with a Puyo Response. When Daichi gets there, he's confronted by Watty again, whom he beats for a second time. After the brat flees the scene, the great loli King of Terror Angol Mois appears. He tells Daichi they've met before, but leaves without explaining. Daichi later befriends a Puyo named Puyorin and takes him back to the lab, while Angol contemplates the stupidity of the human race to himself. Back at the Professor's lab, Daichi's body shrinks in size, and he requests a special protector be made for him, his shrunken form being too inconvenient. Protector and Puyorin in hand, our hero sets off to track down Angol and unravel the mysteries of the past and present...!


We here at Compile Worlds are sanctioning the unofficial official translation of the game right over here! Only two more months until we have the whole manuscript! Not really.

While you're waiting until Keiji and Chao are in their graves for that translation, feel free to check out a handful of the tunes right over here.


  • The game's title translates to "Puyo Puyo Side Story". Despite this, the game is more closely linked to Madou Monogatari (Sega Saturn) and the Madou series in general.
    • The Puyo colors in both games even represent the same set of elements, among other similarities to the gameplay itself.
  • In the game's script, Arle is referred to as "Yuusha", even though that title already belongs to Lagnus.
  • Post-story, there is an optional battle the player can tackle, against super strong enemies, beyond a "mysterious door", implied to be a portal between the Madou World and Gaias created by Satan and Eldora.
    • Madou Monogatari Saturn also seems to subtly hint at this, demonstrating that Satan is capable of sending Lagnus back to his own world after Yoggus is defeated.
    • There is also a mysterious "she" in Satan's Diary at the end of MMS, which could be Eldora, though who this "she" is has yet to be seen, and is only mentioned in that one specific instance.

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