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Rulue is a self-proclaimed fighting queen who was an antagonist in the original Puyo Puyo, and is a reoccurring character in Compile Worlds. She usually acts as a comedy relief character, failing at her multiple attempts to antagonize Arle Nadja for getting attention from Satan. She and her wimpy-body guard Minotauros live in her personal mansion in the Madou World. Prior to Primp exploding, however, she resided in a condominium she built in the world with her riches.


Rulue comes from a wealthy background, often dressed in elaborate clothing and living in huge, expensive lodgings. She had rescued Minotauros from her own personal antagonist, Count, ages before she met Arle, and possibly before she met Satan as well. Prior to being teleported to Primp, she had lived in a huge mansion alone with Mino. While many of the Madou characters were playing Puyo, a portal mysteriously opened, and sent Rulue and the others to Primp as meteors. Though it is currently unknown how or why this happened to Rulue, there is a good chance Ekoro was involved. Rulue had established a condo on the beach with her remaining riches, although this condo is rather massive regardless. No matter where she lives, she spends all of her free time relentlessly chasing down Satan.

Rulue seems to be constantly in a state of irritation, except when she is thinking about Satan. This anger pulsates more when Arle is anywhere near her, due to her extreme jealously of Arle. She is also rash, and can usually be easily manipulated into giving out useful information or doing otherwise silly things, such as when Lagnus made a (sort of) fake promise to keep Arle away from Satan in exchange for the location of Draco's Hut. Rulue's irritability and rash thinking usually leads her into violent outbursts. Other times, Rulue's frustration leads her to have a total melt down. When she is thinking about Satan, however, she literally drifts off into la-la-land, still not giving much care to anything but her self and her love. She is somewhat selfish, and usually takes desperate, drastic measures to get Satan's attention. She is cold towards Mino, always rejecting his advances to her.

While Rulue is a fighting queen, her formidably as a martial artist is completely outweighed by her aloof nature. She has demonstrated being able to swiftly kick or punch others. Unfortunately, she's also not a very good seductress, having to resort to using magic to do her dirty work.


Rulue's name origin is unknown; it is likely that Compile made it up. Of note though is it's similarity to "blue", which she happens to wear a lot of, and "rule", a possible reference to her self-proclaimed queen status. Also likely is that the name has an obscure origin that doesn't make sense with the character, like Arle or Schezo Wegey.


  • Regardless, you'll end up ruining everything for him and I, so, I don't think I'll tell you where he is!Episode 2
  • If you weren't an item, he'd obviously be all over my delicious body! — Episode 2
  • That should teach YOU to ignore the great fighting queen — Episode 2
  • Don't listen to them Darling Satan! They Lie! — Episode 2
  • I must destroy you so I can be with my Darling Satan~♥Episode 9
  • Oh, don't you dare go back in there without me, Satan...! --Wait!!!Episode 20
  • Some punk in goggles yelled at me earlier, and I gave him a hanganshou to the face.Episode 43


  • Rulue was the only comedy relief character who didn't switch to being a serious character in the Meteor Arc.
    • Rulue is also the only comedy relief character that has appeared in every arc as such.
    • She has appeared twice in all arcs where Satan is the antagonist, and only once in the arcs in which he is not.
  • Humorously, when Rulue had finally managed to seduce Satan in the Accord Arc, their lovemaking was so anticlimactic that Satan had just ditched her in the Random Field.
    • Albeit, he was only doing her under the influence of a Love potion in his Fufufu special.
  • Rulue's current absence streak is a whooping 9 episodes: She didn't appear at all between Episode 2 and Episode 9.
    • She shares this streak with Schezo.
  • Rulue is one of the only two Madou characters who hadn't encountered Ecolo prior to Compile Worlds 2.
    • Technically, she STILL hasn't encountered him yet, largely due to not playing an active effort in unsealing the Puyo Spirits.

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