Protector (InstanceClass, 23)

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A Protector (テクター Tekutaa) is essentially the Puyo Wars equivalent of a Pokémon. It is a battle mech in which a Puyo or, in Daichi's case, a small human rides in. Puyo of like colors can stick to them, though it is currently under investigation what effect, if any, this actually has on gameplay. Protectors can be customized and outfitted with a variety of weapons and armor upgrades on the center, left, and right sides. When a Protector runs out of HP, it explodes rather spectacularly, probably meaning NO good for the poor Puyo (or human) riding it.

Though they are not actually Protectors, certain bosses such as Angol Mois' Warship, Primal Daichi, and Angol himself are considered Protectors by the coding. Primal Daichi even has a derpy avatar when you check his status screen!


  • For 5 months, the meaning of the katakana テクター was not known, so they were called tectars as an attempt at anglifying it. The katakana doesn't seem to get any useful results on Google or Wikipedia. The term "Tectar" can still be shorthand for "Protector" however.
  • The term "Protector" is capitalized to avoid confusing it with the regular English meaning of the word.