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Lagnus the Brave is a secondary character in the Puyo series and a primary protagonist in Compile Worlds. He is a Light warrior from another world. Despite being a prominent character from Puyo Puyo SUN onward, he only had 3 Puyo appearances, and did NOT originate from a Madou Monogatari game. He suffers from a curse that constantly alters the physical age of his body if he is exhausted or out of energy, but the effects of this curse have waned over time. His last name is Bisashi.

Since The Transistion, he has been assuming an Apprentice Sorcerer costume, refered to by the RP as Magic Form. He assumed this form so that Arle Nadja could defend herself withou magic.


Lagnus had humble origins as a warrior in another world. Gifted with the Reactor Blade and holy magic, he was crowned the protector of both his village and his world by the Planetary goddess Eldora, after slaying an unnamed oracle. As he turned 17, a salvo of raging monsters suddenly flooded a nearby tower. Lagnus attempted to stop the monsters, but soon he discovered the true disturbance was the invasion of Yoggus, demon of dimensions. His power overwhelmed an unsuspecting Lagnus, but he was conveniently saved by Satan's portal, though his weakened state lead to his body regressing to a younger state. Consequently, in his absence, his world was thrown into ruin. Luckily, the portal tossed him to the Madou World, where he found help in Arle Nadja and friends in eliminating Yoggus' threat. Later on, he was curiously teleported to Primp, along with many others...

Lagnus stays very true to his name, being brave and heroic. Most of the time, he stands up for others, especially Arle, whom he is (not-so) secretly smitten with. He also has a serious demeanor most of the time, which makes it easy to tease him or catch him off guard, especially when he is in his younger form. Of course, being trained in the ways of a hero, he despises anything and everything evil. Lagnus' greatest bane, other than evil itself, is humiliation, though he is usually more humble and calm about it in older form. On the opposite side of the coin, he is friendly and kind to all of those who are friendly in return or need help, even showing patience to those that practice dark magic. He still maintains wariness though, especially around mischievous characters or those known to populate areas with a less than stellar reputation.

As a warrior, Lagnus is skilled in swordplay. His strength is so great he can continue to wield his sword in child form, though it's usefulness and practicality decrease with his age. He is also capable of advanced holy magic, ranging from Heaven's Ray to Holy Arrow(s). Like most well versed in magic, Lagnus can put up a formidable barrier, though strong enough forces can shatter it, as well as his armor. Despite having an advantage against it, Lagnus is also highly susceptible to dark magic without his armor or other defenses, and is even more vulnerable in his kid form. Finally, Lagnus demonstrated somewhat effective healing capabilities during the Meteor Arc, and reaffirmed his strength and determination with his two-handed sword in SHAME.


"Lagnus" has an unknown name origin, other than from a genus of completely unrelated spiders. Yuusha means "The Brave" or "Hero", hence his bold and protective personality.



  • Lagnus' height in kid form is exactly 4 feet, or 123 centimeters.
  • The name Bisashi is only referenced in instruction manuals for some reason. It also appears on his card in Minna de Puyo Puyo, but he covers up so much of it you can barely read it anyway.
  • Lagnus' kid form, despite being a heavily abused plot device in the Puyo games themselves, has only appeared 3 times in the RP.
  • Lagnus bears a notable similarity to Camus, a character exclusive to the original Madou Monogatari game.
  • Lagnus' birthday is April Fools Day, which means a lot of people don't take the time to acknowledge him because they're too busy getting pranked and pranking other people. Isn't it sad, Lagnus? D:
  • Lagnus is pretty popular for Pixiv grid memes, something which none of us will ever quite understand...
  • Lagnus threw muffins and ate this apple. What a fucking sherp derp!

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