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Ringo Andou is the main protagonist of Puyo Puyo 7, and one of the major protagonists in Compile Worlds. She journeys to take down various dark mages and other antagonistic characters who terrorize Primp with their sinister plans. Ringo, along with many others once formed the Anti Dark Magic Alliance, but this has since disbanded due to various circumstances. Regardless, it has done little to affect her role, much less her tolerance for villainy. She is always carrying a large book and Eltia.


Ringo lived a fairly ordinary life in the Suzurian shopping district of her home world; she helped run her family's grocery store when she was not in school. In her other spare time, she would hang about with Sasaki Maguro, her childhood friend from the shopping district, and Risukuma, who was generally too creepy to hang around anyone else. In Episode 9, Ringo recalls how she and Maguro went "shopping together", although she implied it was Maguro who did most of the shopping for her. Without warning, and by (currently) unknown means, she was teleported to Primp. Suspiciously, she appeared right around the time Ekoro did.

As one of the central protagonists, Ringo has a strong sense of justice, probably only surpassed by that of Lagnus the Brave's. She also exhibits herself most of the time as the "sane one of the bunch", since she usually acts surprised, disgusted, or otherwise in shock to many of the zany character's antics. She is also old fashioned, using outdated slang or references at times. More often however, she makes math metaphors and slang. The most reoccurring examples of this are "What the factor" and "Are you out of your vector?" Ringo is hard working and somewhat of a geek in this sense. Ringo is usually disgusted by the actions the antagonists take, especially those of Satan and Ekoro. Unlike some of her comrades, however, Ringo has no personal bias against dark magic or anyone who uses it. This belief is upheld by the fact that someone isn't inherently evil because they practice dark magic and vice versa.

Ringo's magical power, unlike half the cast, is mostly innate, and until the Meteor Arc, was widely untapped into. In the Ekoro Arc, Ringo relied on using her heavy book and apples to do damage to her enemies. Since the Meteor Arc and meeting Eltia, however, Ringo's magical powers have slowly began to show themselves, becoming more focused and powerful. In Episode 17, she managed to learn how to levitate objects, and eventually, she began to levitate herself. She also developed her signature Cosine and Integral spells, which she has used in countless battles. However, Ringo still has potential power left within her. Her clone Theta proved that when she accidentally created a black hole with Ekoro. As of yet she still has not tapped into this power. On occasion, Ringo summons forth Eltia and her powers. Usually, she humorously forgets she can and should do this before the point in the battle that she does.


Ringo's name is literally Japanese for "apple", which creates numerous puns based on her personality and her former life as a grocer's daughter. No, she is NOT secretly a member of The Beatles, so you can take your little yellow submarine else where.


  • Ringo's first appearance was in Episode 8, which actually predates Puyo Puyo 7, her debut in the games, by a number of months.
    • This appearance is also before the Ekoro Arc even begins, albeit only barely.
  • Since her debut, Ringo was in every single episode of the RP until Episode 27.
  • Despite the fact that Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary had revealed Ringo's new design by then, Ringo was still wearing her Suzurian School uniform during the beginning of the Meteor Arc.
  • Ringo has had three different text colors so far: first a magenta color, then red, and finally orange.
    • She shares all of these colors with another character, two of them being Ekoro's clones.
    • To much irony, she was not supposed to be in Episode 23, where the focus was on Witch instead.
  • Seriri once insulted Ringo by calling her drills UTAU hair, making an obvious reference to Kasane Teto.
  • In the epic battle with Lord Marcus, Ringo's Tangent spell was accidentally based of her counter animation in 20th Anniversary.
    • Admittedly, this was an honest mistake, since both animations use the same sprite in-game.
  • Chao has a horrible habit of forgetting to claim Ringo at times.
  • Ringo and Maguro share the distinction of being the only characters to break the templates at the bottom of their pages without being from Puyo Wars. This is due to their pages being renamed according to what is now established as the proper order of their names, and double redirects failing in MediaWiki.
    • Actually that's Complete Bullshit™, it's just that Keiji completely forgot to fix Ringo's name order in the data template, and Maguro didn't have a surname in it at all. They're both fixed now.