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Rider is a quiet, shy moe who was a secondary character in Puyo Puyo Fever and its sequel, and one of the semi-major reoccurring characters in Compile Worlds. Debuting as early as Episode 1, she joined the Anti Dark Magic Alliance early in the series, but since its disbanding she's returned to hanging out at Primp Magic School. She tags along with Draco Centauros and her many adventures to stop the evil entities who attack Primp.


Though Rider herself was likely not born in The Abyss, her ancestors hailed from there and passed their horns down to her. Ashamed of these horns, she hides them by wrapping her hair around them (giving her the appearance of having a second set of jugs). She also wears extremely long sleeves and has extremely large ears, probably also result of her Abyssmal blood. She spent much of her time quietly studying magic and Puyo Puyo in Ms. Accord's class prior to the RP. It is thought that her classmates, save a certain couple, took advantage of her timid nature and bullied her around.

Rider is a very quiet character, speaking very little, and stuttering when she does. She is also shy, rarely releasing her opinions to anyone. Being timid and cowardly, she dislikes conflict and doesn't like being caught in it, much less being the source of it. Rider, while having a mindset that any one can commit good deeds, is not naive like some of her classmates, as demonstrated when she stood firmly against Accord during the Accord Arc, even when Sig was confused. Rider is not completely immune to confusion within chaos however, as was seen directly after the aforementioned conflict. Rider shares a sister like connection with Draco, and is currently Sig's girlfriend. However, sometimes Sig's innocence frustrates Rider when he does things most people dating wouldn't normally do. Rider is also currently oblivious that her origins are also tied to those of Draco and Satan's, not being there during the final conflict of The Meteor Arc. Notably, it is easy to make Rider cry, and she has bawled her eyes out on screen in a few episodes.

Rider's magical power is surprisingly developed for how withdrawn she is. That being said, she has fought even less than Sig, despite she's spent several episodes standing in the middle of a battle scene. The one time she DID fight was when she zapped an angry Tarutaru with a bolt of lightning. She hasn't fought a whole lot since then, and while she was a member of Sig's team in SHAME, she didn't participate in the final battle with everyone.


The origin of Rider's name is unknown. Many believe that SEGA's translators were being morons and that her name is actually Ridel, homophone with Riddle, which would correlate to her withdrawn nature and unusual appearance.


  • I...I think we traumatized her...Episode 2
  • But I th-think Amitie-What is that awful noise?! — Episode 2
  • I guess it's better though to t-t-trust your instict, right? — Episode 2
  • I don't care if you see her c-c-clothes. I just care if you see what's UNDER them. — Episode 7
  • As long as you're sincere and honest, I-i-i will always forgive you! — Episode 7
  • B-but yes! I'm so lost and I don't know what to do....or where to go...or how to even find my way back.Episode 23
  • M-m-me?...Cute?....but only Sig thinks I'm "cute"... — Episode 23


  • Rider has appeared at least once within every arc before CW2 Segment 1, including the Satan Arc.
    • Rider is one of the earliest characters from the RP to not yet appear in this arc.
  • Rider is one of the few characters to keep her text color for the entire series.
    • She shares this color exclusively with Satan.
    • Coincidentally, this is the one of the only two color conflicts Keiji allowed in the entire Meteor Arc.
  • Rider has only attacked once in the entire RP.
  • Though Rider has her own home, she's never actually lived in it during the events of the RP.
    • The only episode this house even appeared in was Episode 2.
  • When Schezo Wegey referenced Rider's story from Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary, Rider and Satan were both remarkably clueless.
  • It was once rumored by Retro Kumizone that Rider was an excellent Tetris player.
    • Ironically, any news of Rider's appearance in Puyo Puyo Tetris is suspiciously (and sadly) absent...