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This page is about the Puyo character, not to be confused with Shibata Katsuie, nicknamed Carbuncle.

Carbuncle, also known as "Carby", Kaa-kun, or Has Bean, is a cute thingy, I guess. He is the mascot of the Puyo series, and is usually seen hanging out with Arle, often saying "Guh!", the only thing he can say. The only thing he does in a Puyo battle is pop the balloon (thus starting the match), dance around and generally be goofy. Despite his size and cuteness, he can fire a badass laser and kick your butt in one shot, when HE's the opponent, anyway. He is a fan of Arle's curry, but will in fact, eat most anything like Schezo's sword, and his elongated tongue helps him with that task. He is nick named Carby or Kaa-kun by Arle.

Carbuncle makes few important appearances in Compile Worlds, as he is usually just seen going round with Arle. In the earliest episodes, it annoyed Keiji that he was even present, because usually all he contributed to a scene was an occasional "Guu" or "Guh" that usually correlated to whatever Arle was saying. Currently, it is automatically assumed that Carbuncle is always following Arle and being useless, and that he need not be claimed.


Carbuncle, like many other unimaginatively named Puyo characters, was named after a mythological creature. The real life Carbuncle was said to be a strange, rabbit-like monster with a jewel embedded in its head. Has Bean is a play on the phrase "has been", and is also conveniently the exact same amount of characters as "Carbuncle", if the space is counted as a character.


  • In Puyo Puyo 7 there are three distinct Carbuncles; the one that stands on his own and actually looks like he's supposed to, the one that accompanies Arle, which is still old Fever styled, and the evil Carbuncle that accompanies Dark Arle.
    • All three of these Carbuncles can do battle with eachother as well.
    • Speaking of Puyo Puyo 7, Carbuncle doesn't change form or voice for Henshin at all. It kind of makes Henshin boring to play with him, especially when the competitive meta dictates that only he and Rulue are worth playing as in Henshin.
  • More often than not, Carbuncle is usually the secret boss of the Puyo series. When he is featured as a stand-alone character, he is always unlockable, has high AI, and usually is equipped with an unwieldy large dropset.
    • It is unknown if this will hold true for Compile Worlds the game or not.
  • Much like how Arle's theme is the Theme of Puyo Puyo itself, Carbuncle's theme is the first floor's music from Puyo Puyo TSU.

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