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This page is about the character. For the video game, see Shadow the Hedgehog (game).

Shadow the Hedgehog is a black anthropomorphic hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the Ultimate Lifeform created by Gerald Robotnik, and was friends with the late Maria Robotnik until GUN shut down the Space Colony Ark. Since then, he has angsted over the events, though ironically he is now a hired mercenary for GUN. (Nice logic there, mister.)

Background Information

Fifty years prior to Sonic Adventure 2, Gerald Robotnik contracted a deal with the Black Arms leader Black Doom to create the Ultimate Lifeform in order to cure Mario of her NIDS, after failing to do this on his own with the Biolizard. Shadow was born, half Gerald's technology, half Black Arms DNA. He became friends with Maria and watched over Earth from the Space Colony Ark, listening to Maria's musing about life while Gerald tried to develop a cure from Shadow. Soon however, GUN, fearing Gerald's failed Biolizard project, was sent by the GUN Commander to kill everyone aboard the Ark and force its shutdown. Shadow and Maria helped scientists escape, but Maria was killed and Gerald was incarcerated, causing Shadow to go insane while he was put to sleep in a GUN security vault, only to be awoken again by Dr. Eggman.

Shadow is a ruthless individual, usually taking a violent disposition against anyone who gets in his way. He's somewhat sentimental, constantly lamenting over Maria's death and his true identity. Shadow is also slightly homicidal, not above purging the entire world of human life to get his revenge, or even of killing other people such as Eggman and Sonic the Hedgehog to achieve his goals. Though he is rightfully arrogant of his power as the ultimate, he sees Sonic as a pesky rival that he is always willing to compete with. Despite his ability to carry a grudge and be so vengeful, Shadow finds himself friendly towards Rouge the Bat and e-123 Omega, and also working for the very same government that tried to murder him out of fear. Shadow has a bad habit of yelling chains of expletives out into the open, making nearly every one of his Shadow the Hedgehog lines a meme. He respects Dr. Eggman as the descendant of his creator, but other than this, is often enemies with him.

Shadow is very handy with a gun, and knowledgeable about how to operate and destroy military machinery. He also has the power of Chaos Control, being the only character who is truly masterful at harnessing the Chaos Emerald's energy with it. He is also a skilled swordsman if the situation calls for it. Like Sonic, he is also very fast. He is one of the most formidable foes one can face in the Sonic universe; one should not cross Shadow unless they want their head on a silver platter. Of course, despite all this, he still hasn't beaten Sonic yet, something which he will eternally be mocked for. Nobody likes listening to his angsting very much either.


Sonic Adventure 2
Shadow first appears as the big bad of the game, where he tricks Eggman and Rouge into nearly committing genocide against the entire planet to satisfy his blood lust.
Sonic Heroes
Suddenly, Shadow's climatic death in SA2 is ruined when Takeshi Iizuka changes his mind about killing off Shadow, thus relegating him to Team Dark as its Speed member with amnesia.
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow stars in his own game to muddy up his own backstory, shoot up some aliens, and say "damn" as many times as the ESRB will let him without jacking up the rating.
Sonic Battle
Shadow spends some time recovering from injuries in Club Rouge, deciding Emerl has to die. Later, he changes his mind when he realizes he can deactivate the destructive programming.
Sonic Chronicles
One of the few non-worthless party members of the game, Shadow appears to deal with alien shenanigans once again, complaining more than ever along the way.
Sonic and the Black Knight
Shadow appears here as a romanticized reincarnation of Sir Lancelot and cheats the limits of medieval times by using Chaos Control to become a cheap boss fight. He's also the son of the Lady of the Lake and the father of Sir Gawain, making his presence rather awkward...
Sonic RP
Here Shadow unfaithfully serves Eggman, much like Rouge the Bat. Most of the time Shadow is thinking more about angst and Rouge than his job as Eggman's gunman.

Whenever Shadow appears in another game, he is usually playable and or unlockable. You can guarantee that he's nearing the border of overpowered, and that he also wont play nice. Usually he's a Speed type character.


Shadow's name is derived from his black coloring, as well as his silhouette giving him the appearance of Sonic's "shadow". During development, he was named Terios, which means "(a) reflection of", playing on his resemblance to Sonic once again.



  • Shadow is the only character introduced past the classic era to be given his own game.
    • This game also shows Shadow killing people in the non-canon endings, mostly poor Eggman.
  • Despite people universally hating his character development since his game, Shadow remains the second most popular character in the entire series.
  • Rumors circulated about Shadow appearing in the upcoming Sonic Boom cartoon with a Hawaiian Shirt and Sunglasses. While this was proven false, you have to admit it would've been awesome, right???