Whitespace (InstanceTopic, 13)

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Whitespace is a mysterious alternate plane of existence in Compile Worlds. Debuting in Episode 21, it is a strange place that is completely white, and is nothing but white. Its properties are unusual, and it's hard to determine exactly where it is in accordance to the worlds, though it seems to exist in the exact same location as the world, and yet in an entirely different place.

For reasons unknown, all Ekoronian particles, including those that created the clones, are almost instantly destroyed upon entering Whitespace. This is perhaps the most infamous property of the space. Dark Mages can send people to and from Whitespace at will, as demonstrated by Lord Marcus, Eltia, and even Ekoro himself. Nanako can also seemingly access Whitespace, but through unknown means. In The Tournament, Whitespace was utilized in order to create a spacious environment where no one could be knocked out by means of a ring out.

The only known spell that can send people to Whitespace that isn't portal magic is Newton's Nemesis.