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Raffine is an arrogant young girl that lives in the unimaginatively named Primp Town, and attends Primp Magic School. She makes a habit of mocking others with her prhase La-Ti-Da, and she says it rather often, much to the annoyance of her peers. While she acts haughty and frivolous and berates others, she is in fact not a real mage and must convert kinetic energy to magic using a pouch fastened to her waist at all times. In Compile ♥ Worlds, she decided she was jealous of all the cool adventures Amitie and Sig were having and decided she had to start tagging along.




Raffine is the French word for Refined, relating to her snobby, rich bitch nature and past. While probably not directly related, it is interesting to note that Raffine is also similar to Rafflesia, a genus of parasitic flowers that smell like decaying flesh.


  • Does this hash make me look fat?TIMP
  • If there's a most adept student, I'm sure we all know who it is...!Episode 63
  • Are you talking with your mouth full again Amitie? — Episode 63
  • Yeah, I'm sure that's it, you lazy lot, wanting Raffine to do all the work~ But just this once she'll do it. — Episode 63
  • Hey! Why do you 2/2AmitieSig get to do this 2/2Red AmitieBlack Sig when Raffine...Episode 64
  • Stupid Amitie and Sig cheated on our exam! I was supposed to get the top score! — Episode 64


  • Raffine was the only Fever protagonist not to have a major role in Compile Worlds.
    • She DID appear with a bigger role in Compile ♥ Worlds, however.
    • This could change in the game due to her excessive absence since being mentioned in Subete being unexplored.
  • Raffine is also one of the few Fever series characters not to appear in the first season of the RP post-Subete.
  • In addition to having a name similar to Rafflesia, Raffine's predominant orange and yellow color scheme also matches the typical colors seen on Rafflesia flowers.
  • Raffine's overall appearance hasn't changed much since her original design in Fever. She shares this trait with Feli, who has also recieved few revisions of her design.
    • This is of course, not counting Puyo Puyo 7, where nearly every non-adult character was forced to wear a school uniform, which would be considered a dramatic change of design for several characters.
      • Speaking of Puyo Puyo 7, Raffine is one of the handful of characters that can be controlled during story mode. She's also one of the ones that can only be used for one stage.