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All Wild Mass Guessing regarding the roleplay Compile Worlds shall go here. Go ahead and go wild with ideas and theories. It is Wild Mass Guessing, after all...

Compile Worlds

White Feli and Red Amitie will eventually appear

Of course, some things epic that involve realizations and all that crap have to happen before the appearances. In Feli's case, a powerful white magic-related event will happen to her, and this and that happen, divine ascension included, and voila, White Feli! Red Amitie's case involves Amitie witnessing a world-shaking event, and, again, shenanigans, and eventually, Red Amitie, complete with staff.

It would definitely be a stretch to mention that WF and RA will have powers that rival that of ones, but, well, anything is possible unless proven impossible.

One word cluster suggests that some Amitie clone will be involved in the Red Amitie plot.

Crash landing on the Primp

Sooner or later, that damn rocket and its one and only passenger are going to have to crash land on the Primp. And when it does, there'll be another victim for Satan and Draco to enslave... or perhaps another villain will emerge from the wreckage, distraught Satan rejected her. Rockets are also a great form of transportation, just like buses! Oh wait, we already used that joke. We'll just have to do it with all the vases in Gensokyo (all of them) instead. Of course, the SHAME teams could actually use this rocket to visit other worlds 4/4Madou WorldPuyo Wars WorldRingo's WorldEkoro Dimension too, for a change of pace.

FGF Free for All

Now, it's only a guess, but it's highly likely that miss Nanako and her evil red associates 3/3Evil red cloneStrange KlugDoppelganger Arle are very well behind the mysterious Tournament, unlike Beta's suggestion that "no one seems to be behind it". After all, these Very Suspicious Ones are... well... suspicious! I wonder what the prize would be for winning such a tournament... eh, it's probably just world destruction or global digitalization or some weird shit like that.

Ekoro's Clone

  • Quote: Kawachat
[16:47:54] <MagicalKecleon> I always thought about Ekoro having a clone of himself.
[16:47:54] <Chao> oh gawd
[16:47:55] <Keiji> Not a clone Ekoro makes, but a clone of Ekoro

Speaking of Clones...

Since the Amalgamation, the clones Gamma, Epsilon, Eta and Omega have been missing in action. Eta of course, was obviously absorbed by Ekoro, but what happened to the other three? However, with the destruction of the Abyss and SHAME only beginning, the missing clones could make a comeback, especially since their concerned brethren have formed a team 5/5Harpy (Madou Monogatari)ZetaThetaBetaPhi and thus, established an important role...except for poor Lam the Stelly who got left out to go be held by Stringy Rice. Either way, it's possible Gamma is wandering about, still unneutralized, and that he may still ally with Ekoro if he isn't gotten to quickly. Epsilon is also wandering about, seeing as how his fate after the Abyss was destroyed was left uncertain, and god knows what kind of alignment a frekkin frog might have. For all we know, this could really be the Dark Nohoho Arc! Omega of course, is neutralized, and hasn't been seen since the Meteor Arc...I hope the meteor didn't kill her and send her to Whitespace. D:

Evil Red Clones

Just why are the evil red clones affiliated with Nanako anyway? Is there something they want that Nanako can give them? Perhaps the tournament is a way of Nanako allowing them to have this... Or it's possible the three share a common motive that they're carrying out behind-the-scenes of the tournament. Perhaps they even want to ascend the metalevels, beyond one. Of course, it could just be a Gambit Pileup and they could all be using each other for some ulterior motive. Indeed it seems no matter what all three of them could be up to something particularly nasty, whether their interests coincide or otherwise...

...and no, you didn't really think I was going to reveal any plans I had for Strange Klug, did you? — Chao

Ekoro wants more "teammates"

Ms. Accord seems to be looking for "him". Must be Sig or some other dude. What matters is that he'll be playing with Ms. Accord in all the wrong ways (except much worse than usual) if she fails her search.

Wait I thought we decided this "mini-episode" wasn't canon??? D: — Chao

It definitely isn't. Not that something like that would be harmful to whatever plans there were...

Puppet pal

So, where did Popoi go? Keeping in mind his RPer sort of vanished after the Accord arc, the puppet hasn't even been seen since. Is it possible the puppet will make his return in SHAME? And what if he brings in new recruits and antagonizes the SHAME teams? All of this and more!...if Chao could even get Black Amendment to get on the god damn chat when Keiji's awake.


Now that Angol's Team is disbanded...who will replace them? It ain't gonna be no frekkin frogs...well actually it will be! Nohoho, his clone Epsilon, his cusion Muhoho, their Primp counterpart Dongurigaeru, and Clocger, will form a team of evil frogs and destroy the tournament!...at least until Cirno gets back from being knocked astray by that meteorite.

are you the one. it is you.

That's too bad, if so. You'll be quite prone to feral modes if maniacs like Angol Mois touches you where it's uncomfortable. Just ask Eltia or Daichi!

The inevitable


Or is it?...

The Gathering


Two new characters will debut in The Gathering. But who are they?...


Thanks to Keiji translating a relatively long page from MadouCyc, Lagnus, Eldora and maybe even Kanon ought to have much bigger roles in Compile Worlds!

End of The Gathering?...

At the end of the epic Episode 50, more details of Fake Arle's plans have been leaked. This prompted Chao to leave a disturbing silhouette as a teaser for the finale of the Gathering and a plot element of the arc(s) to follow:


As Episode 51 nears yet even closer, Chao has drawn yet another teaser for the finale of The Gathering and the future arcs of Compile Worlds:


More Mysterious Manga Panels

Chao once again kicks the hype train into gear by making yet another set of teaser Manga panels, this time in English. (image) (image)