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Primp Magic School is the school where the main cast 6/6AmitieRaffineSigRiderKlugTarutaru of Puyo Puyo Fever and its sequel go to study magic and play Puyo Puyo. While it is not the only magic school in Primp, it is certainly the largest. Students and Staff from Primp Magic School wear one or more small, stylized wings on their person to indicate they work or study there. The school is a reoccurring setting in Compile Worlds and Compile ♥ Worlds.


According to Map:Primp and all official SEGA maps of Primp, Primp Magic School is in the north-western region of Primp. The exterior of the building is rather large for a public school, looking more like what a prestigious university or a boarding school might in real life. The courtyard is spacious but rather bland, nothing really standing out. The main entrance is large double doors, into a large tower where a giant red Puyo roof overlooks the courtyard. The building extends in either direction from the entrance, much like a mansion. Inside the building, there is at least two classrooms, a large library where books may be freely borrowed by the students, and dormitories for students. Rumors of a secret chamber in the red Puyo roof also exist. Below the school are medieval torture chambers created by the demon Popoi for his own twisted purposes.

As previously listed above, Amitie, Raffine, Sig, Rider, Klug, and Tarutaru study magic and Puyo Puyo here. Though there is more than one class, there seems to be only a single teacher; Ms. Accord. In fact, Ms. Accord seems to be the only staff member at all, and she has quite a lot of authority over school sanctioned events, such as when she hosted a Puyo Puyo tournament on behalf of the entire school. One has to wonder how she manages to run an entire school all by herself, though her questionable methods of presenting exams seem to help. Primp Magic School seems to have a friendly relationship with Lemres' School, and interaction between the two is frequently coordinated by Accord.

In Compile Worlds

In Compile Worlds, the school becomes the base of operations for the evil Popoi, who puppeteers Ms. Accord to commit chaotic mischief from behind the closed doors of the school. Prior to the RP, Seriri was tortured in the chambers beneath the school. The heroes tried to directly confront Ms Accord at the school during Episode 6, though they were stopped by Accord literally flinging random Madou Monogatari mooks at them.

After Accord was defeated and reconciled with her students, and following the destruction of the ADMA HQ, the students returned to living in their dormitories and spending most of their time studying with Ms. Accord. However, before long, the evil Ecolo took over Primp Magic School, twisting it into a strange palace dedicated to himself. The students were able to evacuate safely, but Ms. Accord was held hostage and tortured by Ecolo, despite the protests of Chitose. During SHAME, Sig and Ekoro's clones returned to the school for a showdown against their antagonist, defeating him and returning the school to normal once again.

Following this, however, Primp was destroyed in its entirety by Ecolo. Primp Magic School was thought to be lost, but it was rebuilt later by Eldora and the Puyo Spirits who were slowly undoing Ecolo's damages.

In Compile ♥ Worlds

In Compile ♥ Worlds, however, Primp Magic School is teleported to Leanbox in Gamindustri. The students continue their studies here in Leanbox despite the sudden change of scenery. Plutia, Peashy, and others pay a visit to the school, where Ms. Accord asks them to take Amitie, Raffine, and Sig, and stop Vanille of the Neapolitan Trio from committing further misdeeds. Ms Accord stays behind to protect the school. It's unknown what happened to the school during the missle attack on Leanbox in Episode 65