Rulue's Mansion (InstanceTopic, 17)

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Rulue's Mansion is, of course, the mansion belonging to Rulue in the Puyo series, Madou Monogatari, and Compile Worlds. It has a Primp counterpart in Rulue's Vacation Condo. It's quite large, with multiple floors, despite it only housing Rulue and Minotauros. Unlike the condo, however, it is behind the edge of a forest in some secluded plains area. It appears briefly in two anime shorts, along with a mysterious appearance in Madou Monogatari (Sega Saturn). It is a pretty typical mansion other than Rulue and Mino's presence, however. In Episode 44 during Compile Worlds 2, Lagnus the Brave and others forcibly make Rulue allow them to stay there.