Limboseum (InstanceTopic, 17)

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Limboseum is the name given to an artificial planet in Compile Worlds 2. The planet was created by Ecolo to test his theory of being able to create a self-sustaining planet that does not require a Planetary Heart or Life Energy. It is a dual, white world, but unlike Whitespace, an actual translucent landscape can be made out. It seems Fake Arle also created the world for the exclusive purpose of imprisoning the souls of Ekoro's clones, thus leaving their hollow bodies to be comatose on other planets. It is unknown what exactly this is going to accomplish in either's plans.

Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon, and Phi were imprisoned here during the Gathering, but their souls were freed after Fake Arle accepted herself and merged back into Arle. Limboseum's fate is uncertain.