Jupiter (EntityTopic, 13)

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Jupiter is a character who appears in Compile Worlds, debuting in Episode 26. She is an eccentric Yuki-Onna who appeared from the ice lands after tripping and failing into a portal to the Abyss. She wears a tape deck which she uses to make an endless amount of Pop'n Music references. Aside from Pop'n Music, she makes references to everything, from Portal to Pokémon.


Jupiter comes from an unknown ice world, where she danced around in the snow listening to music on her miniature tape deck. She seemed to have the dream of wanting to have someone to share her music with, which would've ruined her job as a Yuki-Onna when you really think about it. It can safely be assumed that she spends most of her time playing video games back home. Being the failure of a Yuki-Onna she is, she was often picked on by the other Yuki-Onna, and had no friends. She often tried to befriend travelers instead of freeze and kill them, but since she is a monster, they feared her. One went so far as to push her off a cliff in an attempt to kill her. She is a make-believe resident of Can Town, supposedly being a can of pineapples, but the mayor kicked her out.

Her personality can be described as "music note", since she is very bouncy and lively. She is more often than not listening to music, usually of the Pop'n variety. Jupiter also often tries to make others happy, as seen when she tried to keep Rider faithful with Little Prayer. Because of her lonely life as a Yuki-Onna, she thinks friends are good regardless of who they are, although not everyone may think that. Due to this, her alignment is questionable at best. Due to a traumatic experience in her life, she goes into a catatonic state when pushed and may retaliate when dangled from too high up.

Being a Yuki-Onna, Jupiter displays Ice powers as well as Ghost powers. On most occasions, she will bite or use her tail for combat. The music she plays also seems to grant abilities, mainly buffering her power.