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Cirno (pronounced sir-no), also known as chirno (pronounced cheer-no), is an ice fairy youkai from the Touhou series whom everybody loves. Please remember however that Cirno, having the power to manipulate cold, radiates an aura of coldness, keeping everything around her cold - thus any attempts at hugs would surely lead to frostbite.

Throughout the series, Cirno is often portrayed as the weakest strongest character in all of Gensokyo.

Cirno often acts quite childishly, enjoying playing pranks on unsuspecting people and playing around with frogs in the lake. Though, perhaps showing a slight sadistic streak, her idea of "playing" with frogs is freezing them in the water and watching them thaw. "That's OK! Frogs are cold-tolerant!" you say? Welp, because Cirno's a fairy, she often ends up shattering the poor, poor froggies...

But, hey, she's only a child, at the incredibly young age of around 60 years.

Cirno the idiot?

The manual page

Due to her childish traits and her naïvete, a lot of Touhou fans portray her as a bit of a stupid idiot (the worst kind of idiot). Unfortunately for Cirno, this doesn't end with the fans. Even ZUN, the sole member of Team Shanghai Alice and her creator, also likes to refer to her as such, starting with the manual for Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

The infamous page had an annotated screenshot of the game screen, labeling important elements such as the player, the score and life counter. Number 9 on the list pointed to Cirno, with the descriptive text "idiot". It's theorized that this caused Cirno to spiral into depression, taking out her frustration on nearby frogs and people who happen to be passing through the area. Cirno has yet to live this down, with fans now nicknaming her "nine-ball" and "⑨", never letting her forget. And this is talking about that one fairy that even other fairies in drag would become straight for after having won the great fairy war one-handed!

Cirno's Perfect Math Class

In an effort to debunk all the claims of her being an idiot, Cirno even teaches maths lessons to underprivileged kids, which have been so successful they've even been turned into a song. In her class we learn that there are no buses in Gensokyo and that one-million-yen vases do not exist (or, at least, not in the possession of a certain shrine maiden). She probably put all the solutions in two big pairs of parentheses then multiplied them with said number of buses and vases. What applaudable genius this girl has...

Cirno declares war after eating too much ice cream

Cirno, wanting to really prove once and for all that she is the truly strongest (and to have revenge on the fools who destroyed her cute house), declares war on all fairies, to show them that she is the strongest because she can also freeze bullets (As long as they're not fire)! But, oh... she must've eaten too much ice cream on the way... doesn't stop her from having defeated that notorious beam-spamming witch, though.