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Lemres is a famous Comet Warlock prodigy who first appeared in Puyo Puyo Fever 2, and a is major character in Compile Worlds. While at first he only appeared rarely to be a comedy relief character, he now makes regular appearances mirroring his game role as an active aid in Arle Nadja and Amitie's attempts to fend off the evils of the Compile Worlds. He also has a penchant for screaming cake as the most epic exclamation ever.


Lemres studied magic at a neighboring rival to Primp Magic School, becoming a famous prodigy. He is well known for his beneficial exploits, and made a kouhai and friend in the form of Feli. He is often enlisted by Ms. Accord to act as an ambassador like figure for the two schools, though he was subsequently beaten up by Amitie, Raffine and Sig, not realizing who he was or what his purpose was. He also played a role in sealing Strange Klug back into the possessed book, being the only one to take the threat seriously. Afterwords, he enjoyed Primp's Puyo tournament and continued studying cosmic magic, becoming the apple of Klug's eye and continuing to run errands for the school.

Lemres is a kind and generous person. He is deeply obsessed with sweets, and often offers people parts of his stash without warning, causing some to cast him off as strange. He is completely innocent, however, and merely offers out of the good in himself. He is also eager to help others and will jump in at the sight of trouble. Despite his young age and candy affinity, Lemres is also usually entrusted with valuable information and ancient artifacts for safe keeping. Naturally, Lemres is entirely opposed to the villains and their antics, going out of the way to stop them. He has shortcomings in his sweets obsession and his obliviousness though. Sometimes he's also blown off as just being a werido, as when he tried to alert the magic students there was something irregular about Accord in the Accord Arc.

As a famous comet warlock, and a top magic school student in general, Lemres is exceptionally powerful among his peers. While he hasn't been seen in battle during the events of a Compile Worlds RP yet, he was able to enter and then exit Whitespace with little aid, letting on that he is more powerful than he appears. Despite this, he knows he is not all-powerful and will "leave the fighting to the professionals" when necessary.


Lemres' name does not seem to have any clear origin. It could have been created due to how it sounds similar to the french names of the desserts that inspired his attack voices.



  • Until the Gathering, Lemres only appeared a single time in the entire 50 episodes leading up to his more proper appearance in a major role.
    • As such, Lemres has appeared the least of all the Fever 2 characters in the RP, not counting characters who have not appeared at all.
  • In 20th, Lemres curiously abandoned his broomstick for a magic wand instead. Presumably, this is because SEGA didn't want him stealing Witch's broomschtick as the broom wielding magician of the series.
    • That didn't stop both of them from having brooms in Puyo Puyo 7 though...
    • Lemres also continues to ride a broom in the RP, though it is not considered a "zoomstick" like Witc--I mean Mitsuki's.
  • Lemres' theme song, Comet Rising, has become one of the most famous reoccurring themes in the entire series, only missing a single appearance in Puyo Puyo 7.
  • Speaking of Puyo Puyo 7, Lemres is one of the only characters who wasn't forced to undergo some ridiculous outfit change due to the game's plot. He shares this distinction with Rulue.
    • Both of them are mid-boss characters of their respective eras.