Camus (EntityTopic, 10)

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Camus is a character that appeared in the Madou Monogatari series. Bearing a vague resemblance to Lagnus the Brave, he helps Arle Nadja graduate Magic Kindergarten by helping her navigate the tower and being her meat shield for the deadly foes at the top 4/4FudoshiMamonoCockatriceSatan. In the SEGA Genesis versions, he is chased by a relentless and stubborn love interest named Lala. He also is said to make an appearance in Madou Monogatari: The Final Test alongside Lala, both of them older than they were in their introductory games.

He made his debut into the RP in Compile Worlds 2. In Episode 46, he was rumored to be sealing away the Puyo Spirits on behalf of a doppelganger of Arle. In Episode 47, it was confirmed that this Arle was none other than Fake Arle. Later, in Episode 48, he finally made an in-person appearance, sealing away Charyl before the party's eyes. It turns out he was hypnotized by Fake Arle, thus effectively erasing his memory of his consequential actions. She also left him with a nasty stab wound when his purpose was fulfilled, berating his crush on the real Arle. Camus, as of Episode 49 is traveling with the party and helping them reverse the damage he's done. Not much is known about his personality; he remains very quiet most of the time.