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Red Amitie, as she appears in 20th Anniversary
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Red Amitie is Amitie after doing a magical girl transformation or something. She appears in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary as a "guest" character to purchase from Shopoi. She appears to have donned a coat and wields a staff that resembles the Sun Bookmark from Puyo Puyo Fever 2. Her power is also considerably amplified, so this may be Amitie after she's finally attained her goal of becoming a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER~

The form made its first appearance in Episode 42, where it was the result of Amitie summoning her power to completely destroy the Ekoro Dimension sealed within Ekoro's Orb, which itself was destroyed. The transformation was the result of Amitie unwittingly absorbing Satan's entire team in the process, shooting her power level waaaaay the hell above 9000. She was arguably the central member of the heroes team during the epic battle in Episode 43, where her power was the only one that could withstand the powered up Omega. All the people she absorbed, save Eltia, were restored after the fight. Though Eltia is permanently absorbed by Amitie, she keeps her one status from Daichi and Arle's power that she also absorbed earlier.