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Star mages are powerful mages who specialize in any color of magic combined with Star Magic (freakily raising magic attack and having some spells of their own). There are Star Mages who are born, and there are also Star Mages who had to be made.

It is also important to note that Star Mages have no default clothing, though, the born Star Mages have a tendency to dress in Pimped-Out Dresses and other such pretty clothing.

Types of Star Mages

Training Star Mages

These Star Mages need enough experience and mastery over different kinds of magic in order to be able to actually be able to understand the way Star Magic works, as well as some other events and tests needed to be able to perform the magic in the first place that will not be explained at this point of time. Without these, the mechanics of Star Magic would sound like an unholy combination of Greek, Latin and some other, alien, unearthly language to them. There have also been some who were lucky enough to meet a born Star Mage who is willing to bless them with success in their goals to become Star Mages, as long as they never lose heart in their pursuit.

These Star Mages who train can practice in any art of weaponry without losing their magical capabilities, if ever they feel like it. They can't learn any non-magic weapon powers, though, like the ability to pierce through several hardwood trees with one arrow, and, at best, can only reach an average level. While they can bypass this with buffs and the like, they wouldn't last long enough to actually be of great use.

It is also worth noting that only those with abundant traces of magic blood in them can become Star Mages. This means that it is absolutely impossible for a mage who was born a normal human to become a Star Mage, however skilled they may become at magic.

Born Star Mages

Born Star Mages, on the other hand, have the mechanics of Star Magic as their first languages, and are extremely rare. In fact, these born Star Mages are (usually) a different species altogether from your friendly neighborhood magician. It is unknown exactly what species they are, but all that is known is that these creatures and their gifts of challenge (and the aforementioned blessings of certainty) are the reasons why mages can become Star Mages in the first place, their human forms not being their true forms (Though, they do take a liking towards these lowly forms) and they have made it a law to not give out any serious secrets about their species (They didn't make a law concerning things as personal as our credit card passwords, though). Also, as entity-like as the magic abilities these Star Mages may have, they royally suck at weaponry, and any weapon-skill-enhancing buffs on them last much shorter than need be, and they can't prolong it.

Known Star Magic

Star Mages are skilled at casting all colors of magic and other magic (Though, one will have to really work to surpass Sages). They do have their own spells, though. Whatever they are, it's known that they're related to the cosmos and their compositions.

It is also worth noting that Star Mages do not need to call out their spells in order to cast them, and giving their spells names gives no effect to the effectivity of the spell, anyway.

Known Star Mages


  • These Star Mages share a name with a mage class in the Disgaea series. There are no known connection between these two mages aside from the name.