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The FGF Research Co. is the rather large and luxurious research facility owned by Nanako and Juichi in Compile Worlds. Originally it was located literally in the Middle of Nowhere, Primp, just beyond the Eastern Mountains and the map's borders, perfect for avoiding enemy detection. The FGF Arcade is also attached to it to serve as one of the few areas open to public access, while there are many other chambers and computer rooms devoted to high-tech, top secret research. The building is so well guarded that only Fake Arle, a two, could infiltrate it and steal research data from the employees and machinery inside. Prior to the Meteor Arc, the corporation was affiliated with the Anti Dark Magic Alliance and funded the building of their own similar, but smaller scale Headquarters until it was destroyed by Lord Marcus XXXIX.

Somehow, the organization has an obscene amount of intell and manpower behind it, probably thanks in part to Nanako's being a one. For this reason alone, the FGF Research Co. maintains a near-omnipresent control on much of the information in Primp not related to magic and the invocation of thereof. There are floors comprised solely of office cubicles surrounded by glass, where mostly office ladies work, but occasionally Nanako herself can be seen doing paperwork down here, as seen in Episode 20. In The Amalgamation and SHAME, many other rooms filled with all sorts of advanced computer monitoring systems and experimental technologies were explored, though only under Nanako's moderation. The subjects and concepts under research from the facility include Ekoronian technology, Crystals, Neutralization, Rebodying, metalevels, Whitespace, and even The Book of DINNER. In addition to building the ADMA HQ, they also run an advanced Ekoronian-tracking-system and partially funded the huge Abysian Battle Arena, with help from Doppelganger Arle.

Presumably, it was destroyed along with the rest of Primp when Ecolo trashed the Planetary Heart, making their research data even more vulnerable to Fake Arle. However, in Episode 51, Eldora and the Puyo Spirits have vowed to restore Primp, likely restoring the FGF Research Co. along with it and putting the research data back where it belongs. It is unknown if a copy of the research facility exists in Ghost Primp.

Mysteriously, the research facility, along with its public arcade floor, returned in Episode 60, perfectly unscathed from its last appearance, apart from fixing the glass that Draco kicked. It appeared in Leanbox as the temporary lab of Alpha, who created Sigma there to keep Angol Mois' magic in check. Currently Nanako and Alpha are refurbishing the place while the others are investigating the strange events in Lastation.

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