Chico (EntityTopic, 7)

From Compile Worlds

Chico is a strange little Indian girl that appeared in Puyo Puyo~n, deciding to randomly help Arle out of nowhere. She carries around a big-ass staff, and looks similar to Rider, a character who appeared later in the series. Coincidently, she is the only partner from YON not to have her own spinoff game. She is a small tribal girl who guards a forgotten temple within the Ruins. In some manga and other imagery, she appears alongside her grandparents, but otherwise remains the only character exclusive to YON.

She debuted in Compile Worlds in Episode 50, where she met Draco whom she recognised from their adventures in YON, and then headed off with the rest of their party down to the South Coast Lighthouse, where she used the only attack Keiji knew she had, the Gaia Cube, to aid them in freeing Aeris.