Technomage (EntityTopic, 11)

From Compile Worlds

A Technomage' is a class of Mage that casts magic alongside, with the aid of, or to power technological equipment and gadgets possessed by them. They study specifically to integrate magic into their technology and vice-versa; knowing neither extreme is pitted against the other under normal circumstances. Often they are too physically weak or ill-practiced to rely on either or alone, thus it is vital that they have their technology with them in working order at all times. Notable technomages include characters such as Ecolo, Tech, and, to an extent, Raffine, Daichi, Angol Mois. Much like most things that incorporate two elements, each individual can have a preference for one area of expertise over the other, thus building a stronger reliance and competence in the area that interests them. Tech, for example, focuses more on technology, while Ecolo focuses more on magic.