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Unused characters in iPod Tetris
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Tetris is a puzzle game series created by The Tetris Company and published by Nintendo in which you need to make lines to move on. This and Columns are one of the inspirations to the creator of Madou Monogatari to create Puyo Puyo. The games may be very addictive all over the world, especially to non-gamers, but a huge percentage of Puyo fans think that Tetris sucks.

Games in the series


This was the original game.

Tetris 2

Tetris 2 was a sequel to the original NES Tetris. It was an experiment, as it drastically changed the gameplay formula to use disconnected block gravity (cascade mode), and had blocks of the same color stick together. Evidently though, it sucked and nobody cared about it. Even Wikipedia doesn't have an article on Tetris 2, which just shows how little anyone cares about it.

Tetris 3D

It's Tetris 2, except now in ugly polygonal 3D environment. However, the game's graphics were highly praised. Sometime late 2008, nmn discovered that it used the same graphics format as Tetris 2.

Tetris 64

Yet another Tetris that nobody cared about, Tetris 64 was a Cash-in.

Magical Tetris Challenge

This is Diseny's bastardized Cash-in version of that same old Tetris 64 except now with more Mickey Mouse.


A spherical version of the game we all know and love. Like all Tetris' after Tetris 64, this one was also a cash-in. However, Mickey Mouse and the amazing graphics of Tetris 3D are gone, and instead replaced by a Gameplay quirk.

The main difference in this variation is that all the tetrominoes revolve around Two Spheres. These two spheres have a role in Arcade mode, but nothing else.

Tetris DS

Tetris DS was a Nintendo DS game. That's probably the most significant thing about it. It's rumored that the game is actually a pile of iguanas in a cage.

Tetris Splash

A variant of Tetris 2. Lacking any form of bastardization, this version relies on only gimmicks, such as being able to take your picture and slap it onto your favorite tetromino. People can exchange their ugly mugs via AOL's Tetrishare, a collaboration of the Tetris Company, AOL, and Rapidshare.

There are two new gameplay modes, Underwater rules and Puzzle mode. The multiplayer mode also includes a new attack, the Tetral Splash.

  • In puzzle mode, pieces must be placed correctly or the game will delete all or part of your HALO 3 save data.
  • On stage 4-1 in puzzle mode, you can see a Felicopter in the background.
  • The Tetral Splash attack is of no use to Player 4.

Puzzle Mode, the main new mode introduced in Tetris Splash, consists of a grid with random pieces stuffed into it and you must clear them all away with the pieces given or your save data shall be erased and corrupted, little by little. In Tetris Plus, the mode returned, now with characters who would try to commit suicide via spikes on the ceiling as you attempted to solve the puzzle. Successful suicides also erase data.

Tetral Splash, a new multiplayer mode attack, is conjured by using the L-block to clear two line simultaneously. As a result, a Tidal wave throws differently sized useless blocks in to all of the player's fields to the right of the Player who summoned it. This makes the Attack useless to Player 4, whom has nobody to the right of him/her to attack.

iPod Tetris

iPod Tetris is Apple's port of the franchise. It features Happy Appy as the main character, who randomly walks into your playing field to say "Hai n00b111". If you squish him with the tetrominoes, it results in a particularly infamous cutscene.

Tetris Plus

Tetris Plus is a goofy Tetris Splash remake. It adds even more ridiculous gimmicks, but on the flip side does fix several bugs. The Tetral Splash multiplayer attack now has a complement, the Tsunamino, which does the exact opposite. This is The Professor and Tetrimuncle's first appearances, as well as the notable return of Happy Appy from the iPod version and the spheres from Tetrisphere.

Much to gamers' delight, the bugs causing various save data to be wiped in Puzzle mode and the lack of player 4's Tetral Splash have been fixed.

There are two new modes introduced in this game: Plus mode and Upsidedown rules. There are now a huge cast of characters to pick from, each with awful voice acting provided courtesy of SEGA, 4kids, and the n00bs.

Major characters

Detailed relationship graph for the Tetris characters

Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus

Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus is the only Tetris game worth mentioning. Not needing cheat codes to access the modes worth playing, that is Master and Rap- I mean T.A. Death Mode, this machine saves you the most coins and lets you rage the most. Because of this, Lily demands puyo have hard drops and T.A. Death Mode, even though that wouldn't make sense.


Tetrishare is an online service for Tetris Splash sponsored by AOL and Rapidshare. It allows people to exchange their modded tetrominoes with each other.

Unused Content and Beta differences

As with many other games, Tetris and it's developers have done a fair share of chopping and bastardizing alot of the designers hard work before they give you the final cartridge, disk, or Floppy Disk.

iPod Tetris

In iPod Tetris, several unused characters' graphics were found after the graphics packing algorithm was discovered. The unused characters include Evil Orange Dude (known as "ORAN" in the data), Strawberry Sortstuff (STBY), Lemon Head (CTRS), and an unknown spoon character (SPON). Another character, Bluesy Blueberry was mentioned in a pamphlet advertising the game, but was not found in the graphics data. Evil Orange Dude was probably going to be Happy Appy's rival, and would probably do something to halt the player's progress; his frames include him lifting something heavy, probably a tetrimono, the little bastard. Strawberry was a typical bimbo in distress who would only appear at the end of the game. She also appeared to be a multiplayer character, as described by the aforementioned pamphlet. Lemon head has fewer frames, and was scrapped due to copyrights on the name "Lemon Head". The Spoon character has only one frame with him grimmacing evily. Likely he was removed in order to keep the cast all edible. Strawberry was removed due to her only line of dialogue; "What took you so long, bitch?!" Orange was removed; according to Apple, "because everyone else was LOL so we said 'AH FUCK IT'."