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Nohoho is the original frekkin frog merchant from the Puyo Puyo and Madou Monogatari series. He is portrayed as being less than reputable, selling contaminated goods or receiving them through shady means. Nohoho is never seen without his bag of goods or a plate of food, usually curry dishes. In Compile Worlds, Nohoho reprises his role as a sleazy merchant, desperately trying to sell his goods (in US dollars, no less) and make a living for himself.


Little is known about Nohoho's past, other than that he owns a shop in Gold Town and a secret casino that he runs on the side of his merchandising business. He warped to Primp with many other characters prior to Compile Worlds while playing Puyo.

Nohoho is more or less, the equivalent of a car salesman; the advertising and deals come flying fast and furious, and he insistently will not stop until you reject him outright or buy his product. Despite this, he is easily shaken and he can be caught off guard if he is suspected of committing fraudulent practices, causing him to panic. He seems to be obsessed with curry and gambling in addition to selling his merchandise. If Nohoho thinks he can sell it, he will offer almost any product or service you can think of, and he usually makes it context sensitive to sweeten the deal. He does not like people who are not potential costumers, often shooing them away or pressuring them to buy something in an unfriendly manner. A running gag in Nohoho's sales is that he enacts sale prices on the spot and continues to lower them excessively in order to achieve a purchase.

Despite being in business, Nohoho has only made two sales in the entire RP; a wonderful magic course to Amitie, and later some dangerous potion brewing supplies to Strigina Reuiss. Nohoho is fantastically weak, so he can easily be foiled by shutting the door on his face.


Nohoho is the Japanese word for "cheeks". Quite what this has to do with Nohoho at all is not very clear.


<Nohoho>	Nohoho!
<Nohoho>	I sell you fine goods today
<DracoCentaur>	o rly?
<Nohoho>	Oh yes!
<DracoCentaur>	Like what?
<Nohoho>	I sell you for best prices.
<Nohoho>	Curry
<Nohoho>	Plushies
<Nohoho>	Exoctic Fruits
<Nohoho>	And more
<Nohoho>	Hoho
<DracoCentaur>	You sound kinda dodgy to me.
<Nohoho>	Nohoho?
<Nohoho>	No!
<Nohoho>	You know I smuggle curry!
<DracoCentaur>	In any case, I don't eat curry from anyone but Arle. Isn't that right guys?
<Rider>	Right
<Sig>	ZZZZ
<DracoCentaur>	He's sleeping again already?
<DracoCentaur>	Oh well, it'll do him good.
<Nohoho>	Hoh! 
<Nohoho>	I sell you fine mattress yes?
<Nohoho>	I sell for $25.
<DracoCentaur>	$25?!?!
<Nohoho>	Two for twenty
*	DracoCentaur looks around...
<DracoCentaur>	Rider?
<Rider>	Yes?
<DracoCentaur>	You think this guy is too shady?
<Rider>	I don't know
<DracoCentaur>	=/
<Nohoho>	 4 for $10
<DracoCentaur>	Well, we don't need a new mattress anyhow.
<DracoCentaur>	But...
<DracoCentaur>	since you're a shady guy, I guess you have some shady stuff, right?
<Nohoho>	Nohoho! My stuff good stuff!.
<Nohoho>	I give you 6 for $5
<DracoCentaur>	We couldn't even fit that in here!
<Nohoho>	I make house bigger for $50
<DracoCentaur>	No.
<DracoCentaur>	Since you're not cooperating would you please leave?
<Nohoho>	Nohoho!
*	Rider politely closes the door on him.


  • Nohoho has appeared at least once in every arc, making him the only comedic relief character to do so.
  • Nohoho is also the only non-magical character to receive a clone based on his likeness.