Magical Kindergarten (InstanceTopic, 19)

From Compile Worlds

Magical Kindergarten is where Arle Nadja (and sometimes Lala), among other faces, attends school when she is five years old to become a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER! Unfortunately, despite the nice fronts put on by the only known teacher and the headmaster, the school's methods of teaching magic are extremely questionable, ranging from creating fake students to guide their pupils to just downright traumatizing the poor kids by putting them in harms way of many powerful, mentally disturbing monsters, such as giant, shape-shifting birds, demon lords made of rotting flesh, and even Satan himself! We don't condone any of their volatile teaching habits here at Compile Worlds, but hey, it made Arle into the most awesome sorceress on the planet, so it's totally okay. In most of the Madou Monogatari games where it appears, Arle's classmates are all nondescript and generally not elaborated on (though one that looks vaguely like a 5 year old Schezo Wegey can be seen in some versions!). In Madou Monogatari Big Kindergarten Kids, on the other hand, the school's student body is a little more fleshed out, and contains a variety of archetypes, ranging from the typical gang bully all to the way gossiping little girl squad. Needless to say, Arle's probably glad she never had to go back to school again after completing her extremely dangerous final exam.