Saturn (InstanceTopic, 17)

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Saturn is the home world of Lagnus the Brave. Not much at all is known about it, other than that it's people pray to Eldora as the goddess of faith. Yoggus invades and destroys(?) it at the beginning of Madou Monogatari, and it is never seen or heard of again. Subsequently, it will only feature in MPFW to reprise it's role of destruction, thus prompting the Planetary Gods of Gaias to create the Puyo Spirits and prevent a similar incident in the future.

Its destruction may have been reversed by defeating Yoggus, or it may not have even been destroyed at all, as Satan is able to send Lagnus home, and informs Arle he has done so during the ending.


Saturn is named after the only game it was featured in, or rather its disambiguating fan nickname which arose from the console the game was featured on... which was in turn named after a real celestial body. Chain etymology, go!