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Eltia is an original character created by Keiji who appears in Compile Worlds, debuting in episode Episode 18 (but not having her name and background revealed until Episode 19). She is a dark mage who became Andou Ringo's familiar to fulfill an unclear purpose before vanishing in SHAME. Later, she returned in the form of the Red Disc, having refused to be revived in her original form. In Episode 66, it was revealed that Eltia was the one who stole Arle Nadja's magic, and has no intentions of giving it back.


Eltia appeared as a dark mage from the Abyss, being the niece of Lord Marcus XXXIX, the servant of Satan, King of the Abyss. Her shared past with Marcus and anything she may have done for Marcus or Satan, is completely unclear. In Episode 18, she appeared under the guise of a Sympathetic Minion of Lord Marcus to make herself Ringo's familiar. When she failed to complete an unclear, possibly sinister motive in SHAME, however, she requested to be revived as the Red Disc instead of her original form, finding the old form useless to her cause now.

Of all the characters in Compile Worlds, Eltia is among the most mysterious, always leaving her intentions dark and cryptic and keeping to herself, confiding exclusively to only Ringo most of the time. As the familiar of Ringo, Eltia sought companionship and acceptance, though she also warned Ringo that she would be the cause of a great conflict because of the decision to accept her. She seemed to urge Ringo to become stronger. However, this innocent side of her personality quickly became jaded, as the ADMA, Angol Mois, and many others forced her to suffer through the ordeals of having to fight her uncle, endure her and Marcus' power being stolen, and witness the massive genocide caused by The Tournament in order to attract more metalevels. Eltia has been shown to be very emotional, she raises her voice when she is stressed or trying to emphasize a point. She seems rather angry about a certain series of events that was allowed to transpire during the background of SHAME due to her "death". She is deluded that Angol Mois is dead, as she did not witness his return in the following arc.

Eltia's powers are great and not to be underestimated. When threatened in critical condition, Eltia may enter a feral mode (See below) to protect herself. She can create Whitespace areas, just like Marcus, and enter them at will to do her bidding. She is also capable of incredibly powerful dark magic, and she is able to show her vision through whitespace as well. She can summon a spear, which she has tried to use to murder Angol Mois and other characters during SHAME. Somehow, Eltia is also implied to be responsible for taking away Arle Nadja's power, even though Arle was a two and Eltia was, at most, a one. How this is achieved is not yet clear, but it is a dangerous ability, for sure.

Elaborate backstory

Spoiler warning: the information below may contain detailed descriptions of major plot events. Feel free to skip past this section if you wish.

Although Eltia is a dark mage, she simply wanted someone (who wasn't another dark mage/elemental/affinist) to accept her for what she was. Therefore, when she found out about Ringo's curse of being attracted to various other characters 3/3Draco CentaurosArle NadjaNondescript Minion, she decided to help Ringo out by changing the curse to attract Ringo to herself (since the curse is a type which can never be removed, even though its target can be changed). The way she did this was to conjure an illusion of a Ringo-sized version of herself, which took enough power that the real Eltia entered a dormant state. The illusion would then hand the real Eltia, passively but conveniently acting as a lifeless doll, to Ringo.

Although it may not seem like it, her decision to become Ringo's familiar was a conscious, intentional, sane and unpressured one. It was a big gamble - she had given up her soul to Ringo, and for all she knew at the time, she could just as well have given her soul up to someone who would use her for all sorts of unwanted things. However, it seems that her gamble paid off, though we have yet to see how and when Ringo will decide to use Eltia's powers, or even become able to for that matter.

The next night, Eltia used a little of her remaining power to give Ringo a strange dream where she enticed Ringo to "stay with her". It didn't have immediate effect, but Ringo did eventually begin wondering about it and very slowly managed to wake Eltia up for a short time. During this time, Eltia explained some of her secrets, discussed the subjectivity of evil and warned Ringo that she would likely cause some great conflicts later on. After that, she fell back to her dormant state. It seems Ringo has not yet realized, but in order to properly wake Eltia up, she must "be stronger".

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Feral mode

Eltia's feral mode (not known whether it has a true name) appeared in Episode 26. This involves Eltia's eyes turning a glowing red color and a pair of fangs appearing. She can use these fangs more or less like a vampire to drain the energy from someone. Currently she has only attacked Phi, the Light Clone, in this way; the reason for her turning feral was the supposed draining of her power by Angol Mois. There are plenty of questions about this mode...

  • If her power was drained by Angol's portal machine, why didn't Satan's portals also drain it?
  • Can she gain a suitable amount of energy from a neutral, dark or non-sentient being, or is the ability restricted to light beings like Phi?
  • Does she have full or any control over her mind and body in this mode, or is she just reduced to instincts?
  • Can the other Abysians enter this mode too, or does it only apply to Eltia?