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Klug is a secondary character in Puyo Puyo Fever and Compile Worlds. He is one of 6 students attending Ms. Accord's class in Primp Magic School, and constantly carries around a possessed book from which he obsessively studies from. While he doesn't side with the antagonists of either the games or the RP, he generally doesn't act very friendly to the protagonists either. He spent a majority of first Compile Worlds season possessed by the book demon, but was freed by Sig and enjoyed a few more normal appearances in the first season's last arc.


Klug, like many of the other magic school students, grew up in Primp attending the quiet school. He aced most of his classes, and was the valedictorian of his class in one year. He was able to do this however, by abusing the school's library system to obsessively re-check a certain book over and over again. Klug eventually learned his idol Lemres was bringing the items needed to unseal the true power of his book, and unleashed the demon, unaware that it would possess him, or perhaps he possibly let himself be possessed. Either way, the demon was accidentally exorcised from him via his unsuspecting classmates. He continued to study from his book, allowing it to eventually possess him once more.

Klug is a very stuck up character. Generally, he is self centered and condescending, even to his superiors, the only exception being his one way crush on Amitie. He thirsts for great power and fame, and will do whatever is necessary to obtain it, including letting himself be possessed. Klug is obsessed with his studies to the point of insanity, given he wants to surpass both his idol Lemres and other powerful dark mages. Klug also seems to be fascinated by cosmic magic and red magic, seeing as they are also covered in his spell book. Klug is also quite pessimistic and satirical, blaming his faults on others and usually insulting people to no end. These qualities usually get him in trouble with people he cannot defeat, though his crush on Amitie was ultimately what lead to his temporary death in the Accord Arc.

Klug is a proficient mage, skilled in both cosmic magic and dark magic. Despite this, he has rarely had the chance to exhibit this in the RP, though he did help save a Puyo Spirit by knocking some electric pillars down. Unsurprisingly, he is also very cunning, able to manipulate the library system into letting him basically own the possessed book.


Klug's name means "clever" in German. The Japanese pronunciation is also similar to "crook", which may be a stealth pun referring to how he constantly 'steals' the library book.


  • Only if you sit up and beg! Fwahahahaha!! — Puyo Puyo Fever
  • Just as planned. — Puyo Puyo Fever, entering Fever mode
  • You're not Satan. He's a myth. You're a cosplaying idiot.Episode 2
  • She slapped it around a bit with a large trout, by the looks of it.Episode 49
  • Wh!! But...But...No! Don't leave me with these perverts!! — Episode 49
  • "So now with all five spirits gathered...we can have ultimate magical power! Erm...I mean we can save the planet or something. I guess that would make me famous too..." — Episode 52
  • "Who are you to talk so condescending to the ones that saved him?" — Episode 52


  • Humorously, Klug was once slapped around a bit with a large trout by Keiji through the fourth wall as punishment for his misdeeds.
  • Klug, in his normal form, has only appeared four times in the entire RP.
    • However, Strange Klug has given his physical body more appearances than this.
  • Klug's text color has only been purple; he currently shares the precise shade of it with Nanako, among other characters.