Nature element (ConceptTopic, 6)

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The nature element deals with nature (obviously), plant life, and other real and surreal concepts surrounding such. Most nature elementals are of a defensive type and/or used by pacifists, and generally don't have that much offensive power behind them. In practice, this element is often represented by a shade of forest green, and nature magic is sometimes mistakenly called green magic, but "colored" magic has nothing to do with the elements.

An example of defensive nature magic is to summon a bush. A bush may break the fall of an individual if it is dense enough, or it will serve as a shield or obstruction, taking attacks and/or allowing the said person to escape from harm. Another example of this defensive nature magic is using swirling leaves to create a shield around your self a la Woodman.

An example of offensive nature magic, quite lovely displayed by Anxia, is using vines containing thorns to ensnare and trap a target. Then usually, the caster will make the vines bind tighter while simultaneously making the thorns grow deeper into the flesh. These thorns may even contain poison, but even without the poison, the attack could still be quite lethal.

Known Nature Magic users