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Gamma, who could technically be called Dark Lemres, is a character in Compile Worlds. He is a clone of Lemres, though he has a personality independent of his original counterpart. He was created an unknown amount of time before Episode 11, with his existence being alluded to various times. However, he hadn't debuted in the RP until nearly 50 episodes in, causing him to become even more infamous than Epsilon for his non-appearance.


The exact time Gamma was put into development is unknown, though it is certain he was born after Beta, who was likely born before Episode 11. It is currently unknown how Lemres' DNA was obtained, since he hadn't even made a proper appearance in the RP prior to this point. Gamma's ultimate purpose came to be testing the quality of parts for Omega, though which parts have never been made clear. Gamma was the only clone who was never neutralized, on screen or off, prior to his debut. He allegedly spent the next 32 episodes wandering Primp aimlessly, possibly carrying out a mission assigned by Ekoro. After Ecolo destroyed Primp in Episode 44, however, Gamma's soul was sent to Limboseum, leaving his body stranded in a comatose state somewhere in the Madou World.


Gamma is named after third letter of the Greek alphabet. It has a value of 3 in Greek numerals.


  • Gamma was the last of the clones to debut on-screen, debuting as late as the 49th Episode.
    • Although he technically appeared in a (mostly retconed) prose prior to this around the same time the other clones had materialized.
  • Gamma is also the only clone to make a debut in Compile Worlds 2; all of the others appeared before SHAME in the first season.
    • However, Gamma's existence was acknowledged prior to that point.
  • As mentioned above, Gamma is the only clone who was never neutralized.
    • It is still ambiguous if he had been neutralized prior to Episode 44.
  • Despite having green text, Gamma has no official color scheme at the time of writing.