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Tejina Mikuri, or Mikki for short, is an original character created by Akkie. She's an abnormally random mage whose outfit (at least, the first one) is subject to quite some difference of opinion. She's supposedly going to appear in Puyo Puyo Fever Redux, assuming that ever gets made, and might actually be more than a boring mook after Keiji withdrew his interest in the game's development. She also appears in Compile Worlds (out of seemingly nowhere), where she is a member of the ADMA who seems to have less and less importance with every episode.


  • The name Mikki just happened to come into the creator's mind when thinking of a name for the then-newly-made Star Mage. Given the creator's somewhat-sentimental nature, she thought it would be nice to give the Star Mage a full name. "Mikuri" was just thought out as a nice not-nickname for Mikki.
  • Tejina, on the other hand, is a Japanese word that can mean "magic", but it refers to a different kind of magic from the magic this Star Mage practices.

Thilde Reuiss is Mikki's real name; she just uses a pseudonym for fun.

  • Thilde was originally going to be Mathilda, which is one letter away from Matilda, the name of one of the sisters of THE Alice. This was, for some reason, changed to Thilde, which has been noted to resemble the word "tilde".
  • Reuiss is a really corrupted form of Lewis, which is present in the name of such authors as Lewis Carroll and Clive Staples Lewis.


Puyo Puyo Fever Redux

Originally, she was merely a weak random encounter made to waste your time (Draco's time, to be exact). Little does she know that she's actually wasting precious time for escape from a raving madwoman who wants the poor dragon lady's tail (Not for personal interest, mind you). Since she IS just a mook, she gets beaten with ease. The fact that she takes the place of a not-so-great character with a terrible AI doesn't really help.

However, since Draco was dropped from the project and Mikki got to replace her playable role, we'll expect a much higher role from her this time around.

Compile Worlds

Her role is much larger in CW. She is a member of the ADMA but she's one of the very few members who weren't abused by Ms. Accord prior to joining, just joining for the heck of it.

She first appeared very randomly in Episode 2 from seemingly out of nowhere while Ms. Accord was in her nice little stroll. Here, she shows how addicted she is at Puyo and how exceptionally skilled she is at magic. When Sig went berserk and destroyed Draco's hut and when Draco and Witch had to look for a new home, Mikki surprised Draco with a completely "rebuilt" (Actually summoned) hut with an indoor waterway extra, but it got useless after a while. Other than those kinds of help that she offered, as well as a few others, she's not a very major member.

Due to. Many thoughts and decisions during her creator's great hiatus from the site, Mikki will be said to have disappeared from the face of the world for a while until she reappears, referring to herself by Thilde by then and having forgotten many, many things due to a combination of anterograde and retrograde amnesia.


Mikki is a Star Mage, a kind of Red Mage, being able to heal, guard, set stuff on fire (Amongst other offensive elemental magic she can use) and use a sword (Not that she even bothers, 'cept when showing off or when needed). Her lack of a red pimp hat, amongst many other reasons, don't make her a full-out RDM, though. Her title of Star Mage was chosen because of how her offensive magic usually takes the form of star-shaped projectiles, and their effects usually depend on what kind of magic she was using. Aside from that, her other abilities include:

  • Teleportation (certain kinds of forest mushrooms required for use)
  • Summoning stuff out of nowhere.
    • Useless Stuff (eg: Mundane pieces of enjoyment, etc.)
    • Buildings of practically any kind
    • Unless it's a building, if it's useful, look at the amount of mushrooms she has. Proof it's actually teleportation magic.

She once mentioned something about "leveling up" and "Magic EXP", but then, that's just one of her ramblings that can be taken with a grain of salt, so it never happened, kay? Anyway, she once mentioned the Dark Arts, but never got the opportunity to show them, even after ADMA disbanded. Not that there would ever be any reason to mention them, since though, she knows a bit, she's simply terrible at that little bit, along with the witchcraft and potions her mother performs and has tried to teach.


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