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Not to be confused with Doppelganger Arle, Dark Arle, or Zeta.

Fake Arle is exactly what it says on the tin, a fake version of Arle Nadja...or so we thought. She first appeared in Episode 16, where she appeared out of nowhere while Lagnus the Brave was trying to confess his love for the real Arle. At first she was only a comic relief character, but then she turned into a villainess that threatened the Compile Worlds. In Episode 52, it was revealed she is actually just a separate half of the "real" Arle.


Fake Arle's origins are mysterious and unknown. She split apart from Arle sometime after her first encounter with Satan and began to develop separately on her own. She first appeared out of nowhere after the Ekoro Arc ended, though she had been in existence well before that. Fake Arle is the mastermind of many events in Compile Worlds and Subete PuyoPuyo that were attributed to random coincidence or otherwise as an unexplained plothole. It seems she captured Eldora and originally commissioned the clone Zeta, Dark Amitie, to be a "vessel" in her grand scheme. However, Zeta's blueprints contained a major oversight. This lead her to manipulate Ecolo into punishing Alpha for this and abandoning Omega in favor of making a second Zeta to fill the void for her vessel requirements. Soon, she also rescued the ADMA from what would have been their doom at the hands of Marcus and Satan's meteor. Sometime during these events, she hypnotized Camus and sent him on a mission to seal away the Puyo Spirits She continued to make minor, infrequent appearances to the various characters, playing dumb to even people like Nanako and partaking in the events of SHAME. From then on, however, she has finally started to reveal her mysterious ploys.

Prior to The Gathering, Fake Arle portrayed herself as a naive seductress, trying to impress Satan and Lagnus with her rocket-cake fling antics. She was also capable of acting exactly like the real Arle if the situation called for it. However, her real personality is that of an enigmatic and cunning manipulator. She is both cruel and unusual, stabbing Camus after revealing he was nothing but a tool in her plans. She also peppers her speech with witty comments, much like the real Arle. When speaking in her true personality, she also drops a giggle or cackle in every now and then. It's safe to say Fake Arle may even be a sadist. She views most of the cast as stupid or insignificant, apart from her vessels and the Planetary Gods of Gaias, offending Angol by referring to Daichi as a vessel.

Fake Arle is a two, meaning she is incredibly powerful. In addition to all of Arle's spells as implied by her clone/doppelganger status, she also has portal magic and is even capable of manipulating time to carry out her plans. She is also capable of brainwashing those who wont fall for her ruses or work with her willingly. Fake Arle has incredible stealth, slipping around like a ninja from one place to the next, having an almost Ecolo-like omnipresence in the Compile Worlds. Kidnapping Eldora also caused a gap to appear in the one's energy field which has not been repaired, a possible side-effect of Fake Arle's imprisonment techniques. Eldora herself even acknowledged Fake Arle's power, going so far as to say she would accel in Angel Academy and trump her any day.


Well, Fake Arle is called that simply because...well, she's a Fake Arle.


  • Take me away, my lord Satan~Episode 16
  • You know, I got an A in math too!Episode 40
  • Gee, sure is a nice macguffin you have there. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it...Episode 47
  • ...tch. What a scapegoat.
  • Yeaaaaah....I hate to be rude, but this thing is busted. It's a piece of garbage in a giant test tube. — Episode 47
  • Time manipulation. It comes with being a two. You and Theta should know that better than anyone, Lagnus.Episode 48
  • Are you sure you want me to do that? You don't even know what I've done with them~♥ It might just be the biggest mistake of your life.Episode 51
  • You're so popular. Everyone loves you, everyone wants to fuck with you, and everyone wants to eat your curry. — Episode 51
  • Fuck you. I'll rip you apart next round! — Episode 51
  • Think of it as a drawing. The worlds are a line on that drawing that isn't quite right. I'm simply erasing the line and drawing a new line. To create the new worlds, I use the remains of the old, dead worlds.Episode 52
  • If I wont be forgotten....if you are going to be kind to me....and maybe even if I get control...just maybe...Just once I could sit back and accept it? — Episode 52


  • Fake Arle is one of three Arle clones in the RP.
    • She is the only one of them who is still a physical presence in the RP.
    • She is also the only one that was directly formed from Arle herself, with Doppel being inadvertently created by a portal and Zeta being an Ekoro Clone.
  • Fake Arle can be distinguished from the real one Out of Universe because her name is simply "Arle" and not "Arle Nadja".
    • In her artwork, she is also characterized with a slightly different eye style and a somber expression.
  • It is unknown what has happened to her cake-rocket. Rumor has it she may have crash landed it on the Neptune.
  • The Book of DINNER proclaims that Fake Arle is a robot made by Sho, but we all know that's just plain wrong.