Puyo Puyo Fever 2 (InstanceTopic, 17)

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Puyo Puyo Fever 2 is the underrated sequel of Puyo Puyo Fever, and is one of the most popular and successful titles in the series (along with Puyo Puyo TSU and Puyo Puyo SUN). Since it featured more characters, better gameplay, more choices, and lots of unlockable goodies, it's obviously over 9000 times better than the original. It also featured several improved character designs and two awesome music tracks.





  • Butler
  • Onionette/Onion Pixy Girl
  • Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III (Ocean Prince's human form)

Modes and Menus

Story and Multiplayer

The Story Mode from the first Fever remained, but this time, players could chose from three characters (Amitie, Raffine and Sig) and then chose from 3 courses available to them, making 9 playable courses. The character and course seems to determine the difficulty of the course, with Amitie/Story 1 being the easiest and Sig/Story 3 being the hardest.

Multiplayer and Vs. Com modes have also returned, but unlike the Story mode, not much has changed.

Endless Mode

Endless mode also returns, although this time, you can actually select the character you will use without the use of a cheat. There is also and endless Chuu Puyo mode, where Chuu Puyo fall down as you chain. The mode is a lame excuse for a Garbage/Endless battle mode however, and the Chuu puyo just function as more annoying versions of Nuisance Puyo.

Item Shop

Oshare Bones runs an item shop in the game, from which you can purchase items. Items have various effects on the battle, much like the specials from YON. However, also like the YON specials, most of them are useless, and sometimes they can actually cost you the match! However, ones that turn you into different characters mid-battle make up for that by being awesome. Further making the items useless are the fact that they cannot be used outside of Story mode.