Absorption (ConceptTopic, 12)

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Absorption is the process of absorbing something. Usually, in Compile Worlds, it refers specifically to one character absorbing another, and as a result, taking on one or more of their traits and powers. Absorption was shown to be possible by ones as early as Episode 14, where Ecolo attempted to absorb his clones for betraying him.

Methods and Effects of Absorption

The way one character absorbs another in Compile Worlds varies on a case-to-case basis, largely depending on the two characters involved and their capabilities. As such, the results also vary. The most often employed form of absorption is when Ecolo and Ekoro would absorb the clones, disintegrating them into the raw Ekoronian components before adding them to their combined mass. It seemed to have no effect on his appearance or power whatsoever, and he literally carried around Eta like a dead weight.

A lot of absorbing happens in SHAME. Omega inherits the ability to absorb from being controlled by Ekoro, allowing her to absorb Alpha, Beta, Zeta, Theta, and Phi in a similar manner to Ecolo before her, albeit the characters absorbed actually had a significant effect on Omega's appearance and power, accelerating her to an extremely high end status quickly. Sig, a zero, absorbed Eta's particles after they were separated from Ecolo, due to being in close proximity and welcoming of the particles with a similar DNA structure to the book demon's. This particular absorption didn't have any physical effects or side effects, but "completed" Sig's other half and allowed him to enter a stronger form. Similarly, Amitie absorbed the entire Ekoro Dimension when she destroyed Ekoro's Orb, including all of the zeroes 7/7SatanLord MarcusGypsumMarinShoFeliSteve and ones 3/3Arle NadjaDaichiEltia inside it. Again, there was no particular effect on her appearance, but she was awakened as a one, complete with a new form change. A dying Auriol was absorbed by Omega during the last fight of SHAME.

Though not part of the RP directly, it is worth noting that in Puyo Wars, Eldora may or may not have absorbed Omega and Weather, after they were stripped of their godhood, in order to inherit their powers and use their mana to halt the molting process, though even the game is extremely vague about this touchy controversy.