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Draco Centauros, not to be confused with that low-account brat Draco Malfoy, is a fucking awesome dragon woman. She appeared in ALL the Madou Puyo games and was left out of PP15 for no goddamn reason even though a whole ton of other Madou characters were added, including even a motherfucking eggplant. Then, Puyo Puyo 7 was announced and everyone was cheering about how she was confirmed for it. Unfortunately, it was only when the game came out that we all realized she'd been completely nerfed and now had a terrible voice actor - and that's her Japanese voice actor!

The truth about Draco's PP7 voices

Draco's voice samples were done by Shino's voice actor from .hack//Roots. So her samples don't suck because of a bad voice actor... it's just that she was assigned someone completely unfitting. After all, Shino and Draco have practically entirely opposite personalities...


Though Draco's exact birthplace is unknown, it was confirmed in the Meteor Arc that Draco is inherently Abysian, with her horns and pointy ears being the result of having a distant relation to Satan. She spent much of her life in the Madou World, chasing down Arle Nadja and several other girls down, competing against them in beauty contests (perhaps as a fail-ish sort of come-on). Like the others, she also played Puyo Puyo with them. Eventually, Draco, like the other Madou characters, was mysteriously warped to Primp by an unknown force. Once here, she set up a hut on the Coast of Mil, and seemed to live a quiet, solitary life, unaware many of her fellows also resided in this new world...

Draco is a fiery tempered, but well meaning and powerful dragon lady, who seemingly was always there for her friends. While used to being alone and rather mean at times, she can also be a sympathetic character, listening to Rider as she sobbed about her confused feelings. She is a no-nonsense type person, and usually incinerates anyone who tries to give her any crap. She can also make bold and rash decisions at times. Unlike most of the characters who have been in epic battles so far, Draco does not have any kind of magical power, instead relying on her martial arts and pyrotechnic skills.

Of all the characters, Draco has probably been the one to have her personality evolve the most throughout the various arcs of Compile Worlds. Her romantic targets seem to have also jumped around from one to another more than any other character, often in line with her personality changes. Early on, she spent quite a lot of time and effort hitting on Arle Nadja, her true love. Eventually, though, she took the hint that Arle just didn't swing that way, and thus accepted Seriri's advances towards her instead. Draco eventually got bored of putting up with such a cripple, though, and moved on to Ringo. By this point, Draco had become extremely stubborn about her dislike of dark magic, so the two had many fights once she found out that Ringo was constantly walking around with Eltia, a dark mage. They eventually split up, with Draco throwing a hissy fit in Nanako's research lab and then disappearing for a fairly long time. She would reappear later with an almost-tsundere attitude towards dark mages, only to start hitting on Gypsum.

The world fails at drawing Draco

Draco's WINGS are RED. Her TAIL is GREEN.

See box 23. In short, we found:


  • Beauty queens are soooo passe. Girls with horns are the big thing now.Minna de Puyo Puyo
  • You know, it's beginning to smell in here... probably those dead tentacles.Episode 39

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