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Arle Nadja is the main protagonist of Puyo Puyo, as well as most of its sequels 4/4Puyo Puyo TSUPuyo Puyo SUNPuyo Puyo~nMinna de Puyo Puyo, and is also a primary protagonist in Compile Worlds. Ever since her debut in the very first episode, she's helped a huge cast of various characters rescue Primp from a multitude of villains. She is always traveling with her pet mascot Carbuncle. Though many of the aforementioned baddies are her enemies, her personal antagonist is Satan himself, who swoons over her in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable.

However, in Compile ♥ Worlds, she had her magic power taken away by Eltia, who isn't going to give it back any time soon. Arle decided to take the Great Hero Form, also known as just Hero Form in the RP, form a new group of friends, and steal her magic back and look good doing it, because that's how she rolls.


Arle begin life as a magician early on in the Madou World. She began taking classes from Teacher at magic school as early as the age of 5, where she met Camus and Lala, neither of which she saw again. She passed a test gain her diploma, and has since blossomed into a proficient mage. After she turned 16, Arle had her first encounters with her future rivals, Schezo Wegey, Rulue and Satan. It is during this time that she also befriended Carbuncle, who was Satan's personal pet at the time. After Satan fell in love with Arle and moved to the Madou World to pursue her, Arle gained a lot more attention from many other characters. She eventually became fed up with their strange antics and accidentally warped herself to Primp, where she met the even zanier peanut gallery there. Arle has since lived in Primp, though exactly where has been a subject of much controversy...

Arle is a fairly friendly individual, and will get along with nearly anyone who doesn't get on her nerves. Usually the people she is irritated by the most in this manner are also the ones who are madly in love with her, save Lagnus the Brave. Arle usually is the one to play peace keeper in the party, being what is very likely one of the few truly indifferent characters in the entire RP. However, even then, Arle has a cracking point, to which she can tolerate no more. Arle also has a cynical side of her personality, mostly exhibited in the form of teasing her rivals with sarcasm. She has gotten used to the strangeness of her peers, and thus hardly reacts to their shenanigans much, unlike her fellow protagonist Ringo Andou. Though Arle is annoyed by her rivals and usually wary of her enemies, she doesn't really hate them or hold grudges to them, apart from possibly Ekoro, as demonstrated by her ability to forgive Ms. Accord for all the wrong she's done.

Arle is a very excellent mage. She carries no affinity to a specific element, which allows her to cast as many spells from any element as she desires, aside from Light and Dark. Her most powerful spell is Bayoen, which has yet to see use in the RP. Arle can also buff her magical ability even more using Diacute, though this spell is not hers exclusively. Arle is also an excellent cook, and makes the most delicious curry in all of the worlds, having an almost hypnotic effect on anyone who eats it. Arle had cooked this as meals for the entire Pre-Meteor Arc segment, as she had hypnotized her fellow Anti Dark Magic Alliance into wanting to eat a diet consisting solely of it. Arle manages to attract a lot of unwanted attention from various male and female characters alike, although many of her admirers have given up and paired off with someone else or played around with other girls.


Arle's first name is derived from Arles, a city and commune in France. Though it is pronounced "Arl" (as can be inferred from the Katakana or the original French placename), the English version of Puyo Puyo Fever saw Arle herself infamously mispronounce it as "Are-lee". Ekoro uses "Arley" as a pet name for Arle in joking reference to the butchered pronunciation. Nadja has unknown origins, though Compile likely pulled it out of their ass. It is quite possible that her name was originally supposed to be "Arles", the same as the city, but lost a character due to the available screen space where her name was written.

List of Puyo Puyo characters that want Arle


Arle has been showered with many wedding gifts by Satan over the course of the Pre-Meteor Arc and the Meteor Arc segments. These include:

  • Carbuncle, whom he supposedly saved from a catastrophe.
  • A dinner at a sushi bar
  • A ride on the Tunnel of Love
  • A Honeymoon estate, filled with "With 10 floors of the loveliest marble, the silkiest fabrics, and only the finest of granite."
  • DIAMONDS ($56,897,009 worth, to be precise)
  • A stampede of Puyo (which was actually summoned by Mikki.)
  • A huge Carbuncle bed, complete with a tag that reads "To my lovely Arle, (and Carbuncle) let this be the most exquisite wedding gift~ Satan Sama"
  • A rocket, disguised as a delicious cake.
  • The Bus of Love, intended as transport between the Wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.
    • Using this bus to take Arle back to Draco's Hut also apparently counted as a gift.
  • a Carbuncle cosplay, which he wore to touch her soft side with.
  • An elaborate wedding ring, which was the perfect fit.
  • A Palace in a dimension entirely of it's own, although Doppel technically stole both this and the ring from Arle.



  • Before Episode 28, Arle had not been missing in a single episode since the RP started.
    • This paralleled her game counterpart, who has not been absent in an entire game.
  • As such, Arle has been played once by every major player 4/4User:ChaoUser:KasaneTetoKeijiUser:MagicalKecleon in some shape or form.
    • This includes two instances where the characters perceived a different character as being the real Arle.
  • Arle has had 3 look-alikes throughout the RP: Zeta, Fake Arle and Doppelganger Arle.
    • Of these, Doppel is the only one the real Arle has not met in person.
    • Arle is the only character who has three clone counterparts, if FEVER counterparts are not taken into consideration.
  • Like many of the early episode characters, Arle is the one of the few character to still have the same text color in the entire RP.
    • She shares this color with 3 other characters, despite the fact that the blue has become known as Arle Blue.
    • Coincidentally, two of them are also Arle's clones.
  • Arle has attempted to neutralize Zeta four times, three of which failed and lead to her being flung into the party.
    • The remaining attempt has not been confirmed or denied to have had any effect on Zeta, however.
  • Though Arle was forced to have separate living arrangements after Episode 22, it was never stated where she went to live, causing a brief controversy.
    • Ironically, Arle has never really had a chance to live there anyway.
  • Arle's theme song seems to be the Theme of Puyo Puyo itself.