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This article is about the original character. For other uses, see Max.

Baby Max, often shortened to just Max, is an original character created by Chao. He was originally designed to appear as a character in Puyo Puyo Fever Redux, along with Happy the Chao and Oliver Woodsly, but he also made a brief appearance in Compile Worlds before the PPFR project came to an indefinite hiatus.

In PPFR, he claims to be a baby who just wants to make friends (though one would be wise to steer clear of any such proposition) and that he can use "the power of babies" (or more accurately, that of his excessive flatulence). Max apparently suffers from gerascophobia (an irrational fear of growing older), causing him to become obsessed with trying to permanently affix his physical age to infancy, and has an obviously one-way crush on Tejina Mikuri.

In all of his appearances (or non-appearances, we might say), Max erroneously claims to have a gang of friends he is trying to impress by scoring hot chicks 2/2DracoKakurine or performing other impressive tasks. However, these "friends" don't actually exist, and he simply just made them up to attract even more attention to himself, and hopefully make some real friends.


Puyo Puyo Fever Redux

Max's involvement in the story was to replace TaruTaru. Originally, he steals Kakurine's first attempt at a Love Potion in the RunRun Course, mistaking it for a "Lovely Potion" that would make him attractive and desirable to everyone. However, the potion either didn't work, or he never used it, because all he could do to explain himself when Kakurine returned was pass gas awkwardly.

In the original draft of the story, he then plotted to hold Draco hostage as his girlfriend to impress his group of non-existent friends. However, his desperate attempts got him a kick in his diapered posterior.

In the later revision, Max was to have a fateful encounter with Mikki, and fall head over heels for her. However, his perverted obsession with being a baby kept his crush from becoming an actual relationship.

Compile Worlds

Max only made a brief cameo with Happy the Chao in Episode 2 of Compile Worlds, where he first revealed his crush on Mikki. However, this caused Mikki to become extremely enraged at him, for some reason, and started wildly attacking him with a flurry of magic to shoo him away.

He is the third of the PPFR cast to appear in Compile Worlds, with Mikki and Happy appearing before him, and Kakurine popping up an entire arc later.

  • Quote: TIMP 8.4 lolz
  • Keiji: @chara is going to die in the next episode
  • Keiji: ==> Lagnus
  • Chao: Almost as many characters as Pokemon
  • Keiji: D:
  • Chao: NO
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  • Keiji: @chara that will save his life
  • Keiji: ==> Baby Max
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