Rika Delgado (EntityTopic, 27)

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Rika Delgado (Derugado Rika デルガドリカ) is a catgirl from the Nyan village up north. She was sent to join the ADMA as that is standard practice from the village when their warriors turn 10. When Draco heard the news she felt very proud that word of the ADMA had gotten out so far and so soon. She thinks her name means "Princess of the cat" but in reality it means "valued fragrance slender".


Rika has awesome teeth and claws, super-sensitive hearing, can transform into a full cat (small or large), has the speed and agility of a cheetah and has good night vision, although she is not a magic user she can cast a weak light spell with a pendant given to her by Lagnus. None of these abilities have been put to use yet, but Draco is already extremely impressed with her.


Rika was trained and educated from birth, but she is quite naive and will randomly appear when there is danger about which can land her into trouble and she was not aware of the quest of the ADMA straight away but she soon settles and becomes friends with her new team however she does tend to clash with Lagnus and has a crush on him. She hails from a naturally good-natured species that want to do good however Rika is a little too eager and impulsive at times. The cat part of her also manifests in her personality, she cannot resist fish (but she loves caramel and chocolate too), is very playful and loves to sleep alot. She also tends to say "nya" or "nyan" in her sentences and will purr and hiss too.


In her catgirl form Rika has shoulder length red hair tied in a ponytail with bangs. Her eyes are orange with cat-like pupils. She wears a green tribal dress with tiger stripe markings and beige ankle high boots. She has a normal human appearance besides the claws , teeth and tortoiseshell ears and tail. Her full cat form is a small orange, black and white tortoiseshell, she can also transform into a bigger tortoiseshell cat to give her teammates a very speedy ride.