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Lam the Stelly, or Dark Mikki (Or Perfect Mikki) is one of Ekoro's clones in Compile Worlds, being Mikki's clone. As the fourth clone, her given name should be Delta, but knowing who she was cloned after, she decided to break the tradition and goes by the name as given. Her blueprints were shown in Episode 14, but Lam herself didn't actually appear until Episode 29, under the (not-so) mysterious guise of Hood Girl.

Character Concept

Lam was born when Akkie asked Chao if blueprints for a clone of Mikki could be printed on the wall in Ekoro's Base. Chao saw no problem with this, and thus "Delta" was born. Later, Chao created a quick-and-dirty design for illustration purposes, based on Mikki's older design. Delta, her code name, was bestowed upon her by Keiji, who had given code names to most of the clones before documenting them on the site. Later, Akkie also gave her the name Lam the Stelly, and also gave her an alias of Hood Girl.


While the exact time that Lam was put into development was uncertain, it is most likely she was developed and born during the events of Episode 10. It cannot be too long after this point, since Beta claims to have witnessed her birth. As far as her design, Ekoro probably chose Mikki as the model as early as their first encounter in Episode 8, given Ekoro was likely to notice very quickly she was unusual and varied. Lam's ultimate purpose was to test parts that were going to be used on Zeta, the perfect clone. It was never specified which part of Lam's body this was though, and it is still uncertain. Lam was also born ready-to-deploy, and was likely deployed to accomplish her goal of exterminating the ADMA. Sometime during the Meteor Arc, Mikki found Lam and neutralized her, allowing her to live in her cottage in the Paraplu Forest under her bed.

The extent of Lam's powers as a magician are uncertain, since they have not been put to good use yet. However, Lam keeps a scimitar tucked away inside her hood, allowing her to take the offensive when threatened. Given she is a clone, her power is also probably considerably amplified compared to her original. Apparently, she's also quite the carpenter, repairing all the holes that pop up in Mikki's roof.


  • Delta is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, and has a value of 4 in the system of Greek numerals.
  • Dark Mikki is a throwback to the way evil doppelgangers in the old days of Puyo Puyo were referred to, often having dark or doppelganger affixed to the original's name.
  • Lam the Stelly, her preferred given name, was taken from a corrupted form of the Greek word for star, "asteri", and the eleventh letter in the Greek alphabet, Lambda. The former fits with her shared profession with Mikki as a Star Mage, and the latter is a reference to the Umineko character Lambdadelta.


  • I be the fourth Greek letter of the alphabet, but, meh to that.Episode 29
  • Screw the binary business. THOSE WHO PICK ON GALVIR SHALL PAY!!!Episode 35
  • Somebody was talking about whatever the hell you people are supposed to call what I call "agenda".Episode 36
  • When will we be able to kick the tar out of this blotch? — Episode 41
  • Let him live a moment of humiliation. That's it? That's the plan? Then again, he did some other i~ncredible things! ... even though some might've turned out i~cky...Episode 47
  • I mean, the countdowns I know show cool times like, say, 413:00.Episode 49


  • Lam is one of the only two clones born in the UT Base who had the honor(?) of being invited to Ekoro's actual base to witness the birth of Omega.
    • Due to this, she was also one of the first witnesses to the true conniving nature of Fake Arle.
    • Just exactly why Ekoro would trust someone so lulzy is beyond anyone's comprehension. Then again, Ekoro is somewhat lulzy himself.
  • Lam's outfit is similar to Mikki's older outfit in the Subete PuyoPuyo era, but on top of being over 9000 times more refined, the vest is orange instead of purple and an orange hood takes the place of the red scarf.
  • Lam is the only clone who went out of her way to hide her identity, doing so by wearing a hood.
    • Her identity wasn't concealed for very long though, and the roleplayers already knew who she was anyway.
  • If Mikki is just simply a Star Mage, then Lam is an Epic Star Mage, due to wielding a scimitar in addition to casting (useless?) magic.
    • Of course, that's a given, since she's one of Ekoro's clones, who are usually more powerful than their original counterparts.