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Sacchin's portrait from the original manga page, cut out and colorized by Keiji.
The full memetic manga page.
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Yumizuka Satsuki, also known as Sacchin, is a character from Tsukihime who, despite being rather important, doesn't get her own path like the other main characters. This fact has led to the meme "Isn't it sad, Sacchin?". It's also quite sad that she never got an article until now, but there are far worse cases of that, so we'll forget about it.

It's oft been claimed that Type-Moon is/was/will be working on a remake of the game which would include this mythical Sacchin path. To make matters even more interesting, Melty Blood seems to be based off of it. It's almost as if it actually did exist in the first place, and then Shiki came along and killed it with his ability. Bad Shiki, bad! D:

Somehow, even Keiji managed to fall into the memetic trap. Having seen Satsuki in-game, he was later wondering where on earth this Sacchin was. It wasn't until he looked up a character chart, found no "Sacchin" on that chart, and then noticed that the icon of Satsuki looked a damn lot like a picture of Sacchin he'd previously seen, that he finally realized that they were the same person.

Actual description

Three paragraphs so far, and we haven't even said anything about her in-universe appearance yet! Isn't it sad, Sacchin?