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Strigina Reuiss, affectionately nicknamed Stringy Rice, is a character in Compile Worlds, introduced in Episode 35 as Tejina Mikuri's mother. She initially appeared on the premise she would train the the spectators 3/3AmitieLam the StellyJuichi, taking them on like any caring mother. However, if like mother, like daughter logic applies here, that can only dictate that she only has the capability of being as useless or weird as Mikki. Indeed she is quite weird and random, with her rather odd training regiment being a failure.

She likes playing with toys of the "Crystal Ball" variety. As of now, she's not a very important character, so the impact of her knowledge of the goings-on of the world is rather debatable.

Her Crystal Ball requires over 9000 witnesses or none to properly function, making it pretty useless to a small group of people who just want their fortunes told. Of course, they'd probably have their fortunes delayed forever if she could read them anyway. Knowing her (or not), though, the witness requirements must just be a ruse and she must be doing this on purpose, just to piss everyone off, like the huge witch (BLUH BLUH) she is.