Death (ConceptTopic, 3)

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Death is a phenomenon occurring at the end of one's life. Death is one of the most mysterious events to humans, as nobody can be sure what death is like until they die, and there's no coming back. As such, very few are willing to test, except for those whose lives stink like cheese. Oh, yeah. Not to be confused with a coma, but we understand if you've once mistaken a comatose for a corpse.

Death can be caused in a variety of ways, painful or otherwise. The most common causes of death are natural, such as by age-related illnesses. However, death can happen in more interesting ways, such as electrocution, fire, drowning, dangerous driving, firearm use, stingrays and other spiky objects and being brutally murdered. And not to mention bottomless pits, fatal injections, poisoning, hanging, getting your stomach ripped open and filled with sweets... it's a dangerous world out there. But, you know... it's much easier and less painful than falling asleep...

In many settings, you can see ghosts of the dead. The Sims 2 is one of these, where the color of the ghost is determined by how they died.