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This page is a list of memes ordered according to their sources, in alphabetical order. Only memes that frequently occur in Compile Worlds or Kawachat are listed here.

Original Content

It's okay, I still love you...r cheese and onion pasties
Originates from an ages-old in-joke between Keiji and one of his friends at the time who went by the nickname Kage-Kami. Now used to say you still love someone (passionately, though used as a joke) even after the biggest fight you can imagine. Also photoshopped into the ending of a very cute K-ON! h-manga concerning Yui and Azunyan.
I take jokes too far, you should know this by now
Keiji can never decide whether he is joking or not when sexual references are about. This little trait has put rather some awkwardness between him and Kekko.
But... Kekko is Registeel, so it's totally okay!
A surprisingly correct use of the latter meme.
I love you in the most non gay way possible!
Chao and Keiji usually scream this at each other when they reveal epic plot twists.
Just to piss X off
Like, finally.
Keiji noticed that the word "finally" was being used a lot in the episode summaries. This caused it to become a meme, before being prepended with "like," and now Keiji actively makes an effort to delay plot points just so that this meme can be invoked.
Period 5
The history of this meme is far too long to explain properly, but in a nutshell, it came from the Translation Party Graph and is now referenced all over Compile Worlds due to the Tournament having 5 teams and 5 members per team.
Plain rice is delicious.
I have no idea where this meme came from any more, but oh well. Also, just so you know, it has nothing to do with plein.

Blazing Star

Get it more!, Boulders


I warned you about the stairs, man!
From SBAHJ. "stairs" can be replaced with anything that the audience ought to be warned about, for example, spirals.
That better not be one of Dr. Wily's
A response which can and should be used to pretty much any invocation of the above meme. This is said because the last two words ("stairs man" in the original form) form what looks like a Robot Master name.
All of the X. All of it/them.
There isn't really any reasoning behind this meme, so it should be used whenever and wherever possible, for the lulz.


In the world of Iji, glass is forbidden. Ceiling fixtures must be headbutted and windows must be kicked.

Lego Island / The Infomaniac

And lots of other things too, such as the colors of Puyo, your destiny and whether there happens to be a chair in the way.
Whoops! You have to put the CD in your computer.
Really? In this day and age? D:
Are you ready to le?
No, I am not ready to le
If you select the green brick,
(protip: he won't actually tell you what happens)
My computer can't handle DirectX 5
Alternatively, the Infomaniac will download it for you.
...and promptly install it wrongly.


Reiko Tsukade
"Hey oni, I accidentally your eye. Can we still be friends? :3c" "FUCK NO D:"


That's a nice X you've got there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.
Originates from the Minecraft forums, where it would be said (deadpan sarcastically) by a creeper.
SUDDNLY I PLACE STAIRS ALL AROUND (and throw down my pik)
Also known as "Chao is insane", this meme spouted from Keiji exclaiming those exact words when Chao accidentally built upsidedown staircases in the Muffin Town Shrine, and then dropped his pickaxe by pressing "q" afterwords.

Mother series

The humorous quote of a mailbox in Mother 3 during a trippy hallucinogenic mushroom experience.

Pokémon series

N is everywhere
N is everywhere, even in your X
This combination arose thanks to the F.O.E. meme.

Portal series

Just about the only thing Space Core is capable of saying. Often quoted by Ekoro and sometimes by other characters.
A similar phrase, usually said immediately before or after "SPACE".
Space Bar, Adventure Bar
The SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE BAR is second only to the magic Enter key. It is sometimes referred to as the "Adventure Bar" due to the connection between the two words before "Bar".
Mars Bar
Hey, it's Space-related, right?
Space Boss
An epic song from The Adventures of Batman and Robin that inspires Keiji to write wiki articles here whenever he listens to it. Also often played while roleplaying or reading logs.
Edge of Disgrace
A similarly epic song from a C64 demo, which, unlike Space Boss, Keiji is able to listen to while eating. Its most epic part is from 8:48 to 9:02, which requires a pause from typing, followed by flipping the disk, possibly like a pancake.

Puella Magi

I will bear all the cause-and-effects (因果わ全て私が受け止める)
An epic line said by Madoka in the final episode of the anime. What makes it even more crowning though is the odd translation to "cause-and-effects". A more correct translation would be "I will bear all the causality".
Meduka Meguca
The anime abridged with speeling erorrs.
being meguca is suffering
Said by Coobie at the end of every episode (with a slight twist in the final).
Said by Coobie at that appropriate spoileriffic moment. (Souls are not recommended for projectile use.)

Puyo series

Arle/Angol's Potatoes
Somehow or another, Keiji and Chao got to talking about Potatoes, which for some reason were associated with Angol. Later, when MMS was starting to be translated, Arle exclaims Potatoes herself, causing a memetic mutation into Arle's Potatoes.
Delicious curry

What, were you expecting this explanation to be longer?

Arle cooks it.
Sig just wants some toast
Whenever this curry is offered, however, Sig just insists he eat something else, usually milk and toast.
DIAMONDS are a girl's best friend, so Satan tried to give Arle some, which failed. All instances of "DIAMONDS" should be spoken after a dramatic pause for effect.
Whenever Keiji sees Draco being badass, he just has to scream this.
These guys are just there to make Alpha's life miserable, quack.
Whenever Sig starts to feel real emotions, you can guarantee that an explosion is not too far off. Eta can explode too.
Originates from a rather old Puyo Nexus IRC chat between nmn and some other bros he was chillin' with I mean playing Puyo with. After getting pwned by Amy, which he likened to "Arnold Schwarzenegger using a tank", he decided to use a helicopter strategy (whatever that might be) while playing Feli. Thus, it was only a matter of time until this portmanteau was born.
Chao's recent edits to Harpy's page caused a silly conversation over a grammatical error to occur. Keiji claimed that "Harpy is herpy derpy" is a meme, and Chao shouted this in response.
Something said when laughter causes you to fall nose-first on your keyboard before you get a chance to type LOL. Originated when Draco got the idea of buttsecks from badly timed chat messages.
It's definitely not a frekkin' frog
After much speculation from the roleplayers about who Epsilon was - involving claiming it certainly couldn't be Nohoho, a joke character - Keiji decided to make the clone be of Nohoho, just to piss everyone off.
Jesus Gypsum
During Episode 51 part 1, Gypsum got a lot of OP dice rolls, prompting Chao and Keiji to cite this in response.
Keiji's ex
Mentions of Serra often warrant a mention in strike-through of her being Keiji's ex, for some reason.
After Chao drew Marin's Compile Worlds style render Keiji died of so much cute that Akkie called her "Moerin". Needless to say, Keiji mistyped Marin as Moerin twice.
Deriving it's name from Kawachat itself, this lame weapon was made by Alpha and destroyed by a bunch of Ducks.
Satan's Silly Plans™
The official name for any scheme that Satan comes up with to seduce Arle. Said schemes are usually extremely silly in nature and are usually not to be taken that seriously.
Sho makes another clone
An epic word cluster resulted in the above statement, which was before the first "Sho" that actually made all the clones was retconned to be Alpha.
Sig's Dairy
An epic typo resulted in the creation of Sig's Dairy, which was actually supposed to be Sig's Diary. Derp.
The result of Chao editing a Puyo Wars 4koma to be about Sho making fun of Daichi for not being involved in Compile Worlds. Very similar to "Isn't it sad?".
Originally an insult spouted off by a jealous Seriri, it is now the memetic way to refer to Ringo Andou's epic drills and ahoge, which look kind of like Kasane Teto's...
You forgot Ringo!
Invoked by Keiji when Chao actually forgot to claim Ringo Andou in one episode. Usually though, it's just invoked while everyone is claiming characters during scenes that aren't supposed to star Ringo anyway, just to piss Chao off.

Ray William Johnson

All these X
Not to be confused with All the X, the phrase "all these villains" appeared in the epic song Club Villain by Your Favorite Martian. It didn't take long before Keiji started referencing it in Kawachat, and this meme, now used by the other players as well, became quite prolific.


People Providing Peacock Pages Pronto Inc.
Comes from Keiji mentioning that Peacock needs a page pronto, prompting Chao and then himself to add more words due to the alliteration. The incorporation is said to provide the Peacock Wiki, where EVERY page is about Peacock and her 8 layers of hitboxes.

Sonic series

Originates from the quote "Snooping as usual, I see!" from AoStH, where Robotnik appears to emphasize the "-ping as" bit. "Snooping" may be replaced with any other present-tense verb that happens to end in "-ping".
Pin Gas Block
Someone on Sonic Retro found a website selling "pin gas blocks" and put something like "Get your pin gas blocks here!" in their signature. Unfortunately, it was too long ago to find the original source, and Google has no results for that quoted phrase.
Strange, isn't it?
You may know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to help you, since I know everything you're going to do! STRANGE, ISN'T IT?
That's no good!
If someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's no good! Or so Sonic sez...
You're too slow!
Originates from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Used in pretty much any context where someone is too slow.

Toaru Majutsu no Index

A Certain Scientific X
Whenever the phrase "a certain" appears in a wiki page, it should be followed with "scientific", including the link and strikethrough. This originates from the spin-off titled "A Certain Scientific Railgun", as its strange wording etched itself into Keiji's mind.


Isn't it sad, Sacchin?
"Sacchin" can be replaced the name of any character who suffers a noticeable and unfair lack of screen time (or the per-media equivalent).
Shiki LIKES to watch
"Shiki" can be replaced with any other name.
This chair
"chair" can be replaced with any object, either if it's something that gave you a stupidly minor injury that you want to complain like crap about, or if you just happen to spot it preceded by the word "this" in a sentence.


Literally anywhere this word appears (and is then noticed) is an invocation of the meme. It's like the game.


It's totally okay
A very specific meme that has almost zero correct invocations to date...
> inappropriate "it's totally okay"
...yes, it's to the point where the lack of correct applications of this meme is itself a meme.


Cat Proximity, You're a Kitty!
Originates from xkcd 231. "Cat" and "Kitty" can be replaced with any other pair of synonymous nouns (or the same noun in both places), usually a person or concept. Frequent replacements so far are "Turtle" and "Fifth".