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The Color Changer of 1000 is a character who appears in Puyo Wars. He has a long-bearded puyo for a head and wears some kinda robes. He also holds another puyo of the same color in his right hand, with a torch in his left.

He appears at the Color Change Springs, which come in five different colors, corresponding to the colors of puyo. Presumably, the color of his head and held puyo would match the color of the spring where he appears.

He does not seem to serve any actual purpose in the game other than being a Mr. Exposition, telling you that Puyo of the same color will stick to the enemy's protectors (whatever that means), how to change the colors of Puyo at a Color Change Spring, and that each color represents an element as follows:

He also feels the need to inform the player that children 3/3DaichiShoMarin cannot change colors at a Color Change Spring, even though anybody with enough common sense wouldn't waste their Color Tickets trying to do that anyway.


His name, "色変え千人" literally means something like "One thousand('s) color change(r)", referencing his job to maintain the Color Change Springs and possibly his age.

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