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Puyo Spirits Concept art. Clockwise from top: Serra, Aries, unda, Charyl, Ralie.
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The Puyo Spirits (ぷよスピリット Puyo Supiritto) are a group of five spirits who were created from all five Puyo colors (But not Sonic Colours). It is said that if one is to find them, their power combined can grant wishes and even miracles. They were mentioned randomly by Angol Mois in Episode 46, where the characters proceeded to speculate about their nature and purpose. Later, the gang soon discovered that a part of Fake Arle's insidious plans was having a certain douchebag and Stringy Rice seal away the Puyo Spirits with powerful magic barriers.


Long ago, possibly as a result of the incident involving Satan and his accidentallying the Madou World with Yoggus, the five Puyo Spirits were created from a Puyo of each color in order to protect worlds from being destroyed by such reckless and malevolent entities. Each was assigned to a planet of it's own, given the possibility to sense each other and band together when necessary. For ages, they kept peace in the Compile Worlds, carrying out their duties silently. Then Ecolo and Fake Arle invaded the solar system, sending Camus to distract and eventually prevent them from doing their duties altogether, much less gathering and creating a miracle to override their actions. By the time SHAME was wrapping up, only one spirit was left on the run in the Madou World, where she too would soon be cornered by her now-arch-nemesis.


The Red Puyo Spirit, she represents Fire. She is a hot tempered lady with a flaming ponytail and a grudge for Camus. She was sealed away by Camus in the Dragon Temple, though this was soon undone by the real Arle Nadja and her party.
The Yellow Puyo Spirit, "he" represents Electricity. Apparently "he" identifies as male, but all spirits are female by the Word of God, putting "him" in a very awkward standing. "He" was sealed inside the Solar Star Powerhouse and freed by Klug.
The Green Puyo Spirit, she represents the Wind. She was sealed away by Camus in the South Coast Lighthouse. Despite Ecolo's efforts, he failed to stop Mikki's party from undoing the seal.
The Blue Puyo Spirit, she represents Water. She was sealed at the bottom of Mermaid's Lake, covered by a glass dome which was destroyed by Juichi. She's also an obvious rip off of Seriri
The Purple Puyo Spirit, she represents Keiji's ex Light. She was sealed away by Camus in an altar in the Light Temple. She was unsealed by Arle, who used her powers in conjunction with Lagnus' and Harpy's.

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