Incubus (EntityTopic, 11)

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Incubus is some horny, womanizing pervert who wants Arle... and possibly you. Supposedly, he's a demon and can kill any one who sees his face without his makeup on, though his power is questionable, with attack names like "Kiss me" and "Bravo". He has a distant relative named Succubus, but she's even more obscure than he is, and both of them fail at blackmail using sexual harassment. Typically, he wields pretty flowers such as roses and makes lots of feminine poses, leading some to believe he may indeed be a trap.

Appearance in Compile Worlds

It's okay baby, I still love you!

Incubus has even had some fail time in Compile Worlds, where he very rarely appears to annoy Arle and the other ladies with his cheap pick-up lines and player-like persona.

His only appearance thus far has been in episode 12, where he had bought the flying cane from Nohoho and accidentally revived Ms. Accord by waving it around while practicing his "awesome seduction skillz". He was promptly curb-stomped into the ground by Accord's boots until Rika Delgado arrived to chauffeur her to the ADMA Headquarters. Later, the other prominent members of the ADMA arrived on the scene to interrogate Accord's alleged reviver, only to find Incubus swooning over Accord for stomping his face into the ground. However, as soon as he is aware of Arle's presence, he instantly fails at trying to cover up his polygamist ways, and ends up confessing to reviving and hitting on Accord anyway. Incubus was mostly ignored however, and he got buried by Dark Witch's surprise Meteor spell. He hasn't been seen since, though Luvis, who appeared later, is a spiritual equivalent of him in a way.