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Madou Monogatari, also romanized as Madoh Monogatari, is a series of traditional dungeon crawler RPGs made by Compile, mostly for stupidly old things like the PC98, PC-Engine, and MSX. They are noted for introducing the main characters of the more lovable Puyo series and having no numerical stats. Most of them revolve around Arle Nadja, but some games revolve around Rulue and Schezo Wegey. The character's sprites and text determine how fit they are for battle and when they need to recover (though some may say the game secretly relies on numbers anyway).

Madou Monogatari games

Madou Monogatari 1-2-3
Released as three separate games, though they are usually considered as one due to their nearly continuous story. It follows Arle's very first adventures, starting with her Kindergarten graduation exam, and going on to tell how she meets Schezo, Satan, and Rulue. Most of what is presented here is generally discarded in both the Puyo and later Madou games, including the fact that Doppelganger Arle is a minor enemy.
Madou Monogatari I
A retelling of the first Madou's story with a more light-hearted atmosphere akin to the Puyo games and epic music. It features a real time battle system where Arle must constantly be choosing actions in battle to avoid paying the price. It is exclusive to the SEGA Genesis.
Madou Monogatari Big Kindergarten Kids
Another retelling of Madou Monogatari 1, this time with more creative license involved. The battle system is closer to the original than MMI's. It is exclusive to the SNES.
Madou Monogatari ARS
Yet another undertaking into character backstories, it goes more in depth into Arle and Schezo's childhoods, as well as Rulue's first encounters with Minotauros and Satan. Each character's storyline introduces characters that become the personal antagonists of the others in later spin offs, such as Count and Runelord.
Madou Monogatari: Tower of the Magician
A spin off adventure where Schezo and Witch journey up the Wish's Tower in hopes of having sex being acknowledged as great magicians. Disk Station Exclusive
Madou Monogatari (Sega Saturn)
A more typical RPG outing featuring Lagnus the Brave and his attempts to fend off Yoggus, demon of dimensions, who is rampaging without care. It's known by fans as the most epic of them all, and for good reason, but that's kind of unfair because it was on the popular system.
Madou Monogatari: The Final Test
The last Madou released by Compile, it returns to it's dungeon crawling roots as Arle takes one last exam issued by a magic school principal who unwittingly has actually unsealed the Phantom God's dungeon.
Waku Waku Puyo Dungeon
A strange, overhead type dungeon crawler. Players choose between Arle, Rulue and Schezo and crawl through dungeons and face the evil Doppelganger Schezo.
Puyo Wars
Gameboy exclusive and crazy at first glance, this epic adventure revolves around a kid named Daichi, who uses the power of Puyo and Protectors to save his world from being destroyed by the ruthless Angol Mois and his Fifths.
Arle's Adventure
A weird Pokemon-knock off where Arle collects Monsters in cards and is actually friendly to Satan and Lucifer. Yeah...we don't know what the fuck it's about either.

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