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He burnt my shake!

Fail is the phenomenon caused by lack of win. Fail falls into three categories: fail, epic fail and leopard fail. Fail often arises when you're doing it wrong, epic fail is usually caused by overlooking the obvious, and leopard fail occurs from being so damn unlucky that, not only do you lose the game, but the chances of a flip in spacetime causing your brain to teleport to the Neptune are higher. For example, Keiji failed so damn badly in trying to attract /b/'s attention by posting the Failure Leopard that there's absolutely no choice but to class it, itself, as leopard fail.

"Fail" can also represent the number 4.444444... recurring (or 449). This way, one can say failhundred to refer to the number 444 (as it is rounded down), failthousand for 4444, and so on. At these numbers, the pictorial counter would have shown leopards on every digit.

Types of fail

Nickfail and Colorfail

Nickfail occurs when IRC roleplayers who play multiple characters at once (including their OOC nick) accidentally type into the wrong window or tab, resulting in the wrong character saying or doing things. Nickfail is the most common accidental way of breaking the fourth wall in RPs, and is usually more annoying than funny. Colorfail is similar; instead of (or as well as) using the wrong nick, a player uses the wrong color, which causes all sorts of confusion.


Emotefail occurs in instant messages. It occurs when the user types something and the software changes it into an emoticon which wasn't intended. This often happens when the number 8 occurs at the end of a parenthesized phrase, or when you type :x wanting a "lips sealed" emote and get a corny "kissing" emote instead.

DirectX 5 on Linux

DirectX 5 on Linux is just plain fail, according to Theta:

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